Chatham P.A.L.S

Peer Advisors Leading Students

A Mentoring Program for 4th grade at Lafayette in conjunction with Chatham High School

We are excited to bring back Chatham P.A.L.S. (Peer Advisors Leading Students), a school-based, cross-age mentoring program with Chatham High School. Mentoring programs have proven in the past to increase a child’s self-esteem and social connectedness in both the mentor and the mentee. Cross-age mentoring can also increase students’ academic achievement, improve behavior and foster effective communication skills.

Our program is designed to connect a Chatham High School student with your son/daughter. They will play games, work on HW, or socialize with other 4th graders and high school students in a supervised setting. We have seen a change in elementary school aged children as well as their mentors during the course of the session.

Below you will find a list of the dates and time of each session. We meet during Period 9, Applied Music on D days. To register for this program, please click on the link below. There is a limited amount of spaces, so we will be taking names on a first come first serve basis. The deadline to register for this program is Wednesday January 13, 2016.

Any questions, please contact Cindy Weiner, Lafayette School Counselor

PALS Dates and Time

DATES: (Applied Music E day)

January 19th, 27th

February 4th, 17th, and 25th

March 4th, 14th, 22nd

TIME: 2:45-3:15pm

LOCATION: Lafayette School Cafeteria