Carolina Pearls Newsletter

April 2014

Congratulations on a fabulous month!!!

I am so thrilled to see what our team did in March. 50+ trunk shows, 2 promotions (one being a Star promotion), 4 new stylists, and several stylists attended training sessions in Richmond and Atlanta. I am amazed at the stylists that rallied around their leaders to help with promotions and sales for their teams. KUDOS to you!

Here is one journey to promoting to Star stylist from Kelli Stanley in her own words:

New House. New State. No Friends. No Business. WHAT? 2014 started off a bit daunting for me. I even considered finding new work. How could I ke

ep my business going with nothing on my January calendar. I started networking fast and furiously and booked my first show in NC. Along with Dot Dollars, a Pop-Up Shop back home and 2 online shows, I somehow managed to churn out $5,600 in sales and sponsored one new Stylist. This had my wheels turning and I wanted to repeat this performance in February. While I didn't quite hit my goal, I had a respectable month and also sponsored another new Stylist


Here comes March and I'm so excited for my 2 new girls. I really focused on helping them launch their business strong and getting them excited about their Jumpstart Rewards. I was also meeting more people in my new town. I had my best show ever on 3/21 with over $3,000 in sales. These women were so energized about our line. We had so much fun styling each other and let's just say a very small chunk of Winston-Salem got WAY cuter that night!

At the end of the day, I think it brings us all great joy to spread our love of Stella & Dot. My entire team really jumped in and pushed and together we made it happen. All it takes is consistency, not giving up, and helping others be successful. I wrote down a quote that Danielle Redner shared with us in Atlanta at our recent Brighten Your Life event..."A set back is a setup for your come back story". I didn't realize it when I wrote it down, but it truly applies to my story. This happens to all of us as we get busy with life for various reasons. Just don't give up because you just never know when you can also be reborn as a STAR :)


The Fabulous "18"

Here are the stylists that earned their 5% bonus for selling at least $2308 retail!

*****1. Kelli Stanley- Star Stylist $7,822*****

2. Jennifer Holleran- Lead Stylist $3,714
3. Cindy Epps- Lead Stylist $3,571
4, Laura Reynolds- Star Stylist $3,318
5. Jessie Hansel- Lead Stylist $2,789
6. Dana Sellers- Star Stylist $2,706
7. Natacha Montilla-Stylist $2,410
8. Janie Roe-Stylist $2,373

Here are the stylists that were qualified for at least selling $500 for the month!
9. Anne Bennett-Lead Stylist $1,949
10. Tara Sullivan-Lead Stylist $1,567
11. Ginger West-Stylist $903
12. Cyndy Bennett-Stylist $753
13. Paula Chrismon-Stylist $696
14. Mandy Owens-Lead Stylist $677
15. Chrissy Colburn-Lead Stylist $649
16. Heather Stepp- Senior Stylist $648
17. Rita Straker- Lead Stylist $604
18. Lindsay Scott-Stylist $538

Top In Sponsoring

Brenda Emerson 1
Kelli Stanley 1
Natacha Montilla 1
Tara Sullivan 1

Welcome to our newest Pearls

Not pictured: Crystal Cosby (Lawrencville, GA)
Jackie Joyce (Pelzer, SC)

Here are the earners of the 1st Annual Carolina Pearls beach trip!

Looking forward to a "Girls Weekend" at Myrtle Beach with my fabulous team earners. What happens at the beach stays at the beach with the exception of some fabulous memories and pictures!!!


Star Promotion-Kelli Stanley

Tara Sullivan- Lead Stylist


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