Have you ever thought of creating a blended course? Do you wonder how to best integrate face-to-face and online activities?

Come and learn how a not-so-techie teacher trainer transformed an existing writing course for teachers into a blended version on Moodle. Learn about what works best face-to-face versus online and the types of online activities that lead to higher-order thinking and interaction. You will leave the session with highly useful tips for a perfect blend.


Thursday, April 11th 2013 at 12:30-1pm

Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Hall 1b

Presentation outline

- Contextual background: Institution; course

- Why go blended

- Decisions on what to do online and what to do face-to-face

- Feedback from students

- Tips

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Isabela Villas Boas

I've been a teacher for 26 years and a teacher developer for 20. My main interests are in Second Language Writing and Teacher Development. I am lucky that I can join these two areas of interest by teaching a Composition course for teachers in my institution, a Binational Center in Brasilia, Brazil - Casa Thomas Jefferson. Last year I embarked on a journey to transform our existing face-to-face Composition course into a blended one, using the Moodle platform for the online activities. I've learned a lot since then and would like to share my experience with colleagues also interested in the subject.