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Land Use In Mississauga

Mississauga is a commercial area because it has a lot of places to go like Square one, Living Art Centre, Playdium, Hershey Centre, Credit River, Erin Mills Town Centre, Dixie Outlet Mall, Mississauga Civic Centre, Heartland Town Centre, Adamson Estate, Rogers centre, Skylon Tower, Lime Light, and their is Hotel Exterior. Houses are their for people to live in. Shopping malls are their for people to buy what they want or need. There are fun places like park, playground, you play inside and outside.

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Employments In Mississauga

In the commuinty of Mississauga we have taxi drivers to take people to different places, like airports, meetings, and lots of other places. We have truck drivers to mostly take stuff to businesses so that the businesses can then sell them in their stores, or malls. We have bus drivers to take people closer to where they want to go, or school bus drivers to take students to school if they live far away from the school. We also have delivery drivers they deliver stuff, malls, stores, and to houses. We have bakeries to make stuff like pastries, bread, cake, muffins, and other kinds of desserts. We have store workers so we can buy what we need and want, and also ask for help if we need to find something. We have fire fighters so if we have a fire they can stop the fire and protect anyone that would be in any kind of danger. We have police job is to enforce laws and if we have any kind of emergency, or someone speeding on roads or highway, also they are there to protect people in the community. For people who are new to the country then there are a lot of opportunities to find jobs in the Mississauga area. We have builders to build houses, stores, businesses, malls, apartments, and libraries.

Resources In Mississauga

We have shopping malls to buy thing like clothing, gifts, footwear, toys and even books from places like chapters . We have movie theatres to watch any kind of movies even movies that come in different kinds of languages. We have houses, apartments, condos for people to live in. We have libraries for people to borrow any kind of book. In the city we also have entertaining places to go like, Square one, Living arts centre, and The Skyline Tower to get a great view of the city and lots more!

Reasons to live in Mississauga

We have get shopping centres like square one where you can have a great time with your friends and then at the end of the day you can go watch a movie with the movie theatre that is located inside the mall. We have heartland, people go there to buy or see stuff like, clothing, to shop in stores, we have hershey centre to watch hockey games and to watch sports, we have credit river to fish for fish and see the water, we have the palladium to have fun and play games, we have the living arts centre, people go there to see plays.