We are BLITZING!!!

TONIGHT! 3 times available

What is a Blitz!

Wondering how this actually works?
At 7 pm EST, or 8 pm EST or 9 pm EST (or all three!), you'll dial into the 800 number and hear from the Home Office and one of stella & dot's top leaders. They'll get you revved up and armed with the energy and words to say to get your calls made! Then you go off and make those reach outs.

Once you've done that, you'll find a post on this page to share your reach outs to help YOUR TEAM WIN those adorable travel totes!

What can you do to prepare for this? MAKE YOUR LIST!

We suggest making a list of at least 10 but 20 is better for each hour you're going to blitz!
Why not warm them up TODAY so they are ready for tonight's call you'll be making to them? Here are some super cute words to say!

"Hi there, pretty lady! I Hope you are having a great 2016! I have been thinking of you since I received the new Spring Collection from Stella and Dot. So many pieces are your style!!! Not sure if you know this but February 18th is National Drink Wine day (as if I needed a reason) and I am certain you and your friends would have fun celebrating that day! Friends gather together, have fun, and you end of with the hostess free shopping spree! I have a back up plan - Bachelor Monday, the 15th (or the 29th)… WINE is a must anyway!

I'll call you tonight to see what you think!
XO, Your name"

SO 3 times... pick the one that works for you!! PHONE INFO BELOW

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Also a little fun HOG incentive...JOIN our chat while blitzing...

For fun tips and One of you Will Win the New GORGEOUS Jewelry Tote!!

Here is the event to JOIN
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Geting Excited ...Here are More WTS

Cut and Paste!!

Can't Wait #blitzitup! XO, Beth