The Constitution

Donohoe's Farm

The Donohoe's farm is located five miles east of Parnell. There are four men that live in on the farm and to live there you must do you share of the work before you can do any playing.

There are many things to do on the farm. First off there is a man in power that is the father of the three other men and he has the authority to tell everyone what they need to do or what should be done about any situation. His three sons better listen to him or there will be punishment. You learn that when you are told to do something that you move right away and get that done. The father controls the punishment to. He can either make them work more that usual or not let them do anything with there friends.

One of the biggest things that they go by on this farm is not lying.They all can trust each other to tell them the truth and never have any problems with trust.

When choring outside on the farm there are many things that have to be done so when it is time to chore they split up the work so they only have to do a few certain things themselves. But if someone need help one will gladly help the other person.

There are also household chores to be done. They must spilt them up also. There is no fighting over who does what you just find something to do and get it done.

When all of the work is done for the day you can go out and have fun with your friends. But you better be back home at a good time so you can get up early in the morning to get your work done for the next day unless you have made special plans and have talked them over with your father.

Living on the Donohoe's farm is hard work but you learn a lot and you get a good work ethic that will help later on in life. One the Donohoe's farm it is work before play but the harder that you work the more time you get to have fun.