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Prescott Pailet Benefits Offers Answers for Employee Benefits

DALLAS, Texas (May 31, 2013) – The world of employee benefits has gotten more complicated with new government regulations and the pending implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Fortunately, there is a company that has the experience and expertise to help your business navigate the ever-changing landscape of providing employee benefits: Prescott Pailet Benefits (PPB). PPB provides innovative employee benefits solutions for businesses of all sizes; it is the Dallas benefits broker more companies are looking to for employee benefits solutions.

The size, staff and reputation for excellence make PPB a nimble ally in an industry that can often get bogged down in bureaucracy. PPB prides itself in being the Dallas benefits broker capable of creating tailored solutions for each client.

The goal is to help clients save money, solve problems and make the best decisions for their specific situations. Contracting with PPB, the Dallas benefits broker, will help your company stay ahead of the changes in the fluid healthcare environment. PPB helps keep its client companies aware of any changes in the industry that might impact their business and their specific benefits package. PPB is the Dallas benefits broker that can help you manage the cost of employee benefits, which is good for your employees and your business.

PPB is the Dallas Benefits Broker that has an excellent record of providing service to its employees and finding ways to provide even more services to its clients. PPB was started by three founding partners: Daniel Prescott, Stuart Prescott and Kevin Pailet. In July of 2006, Prescott Benefit Services (in business since 1984) and Pailet Financial Services (in business since 1995) merged and become one of the largest, privately held firms in North Texas, solely dedicated to the group and individual benefits market.

On July 1, 2011, PPB joined Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC in order to expand their impressive line-up of services. This combination of great companies brings new opportunities to their clients by providing an even broader set of capabilities and resources to meet their emerging needs in today’s environment.

PPB is the dallas benefits broker best suited to help your business, no matter its size. Find them on the Internet at http://prescottpailet.com/ or call them at 214-739-5442 and put the professionals at PPB to work for your business.

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Company Name: Prescott Pailet Benefits

Website: http://prescottpailet.com

Phone: 214-739-5442