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Coaching Corner

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DEA Data Wall

The 3rd DEA testing window opens March 3. The DEA data board outside the library represents the results from the second DEA. The background colors represent the levels of profiency: Red (Below Basic), Yellow (Basic) , Green (Proficient), Blue (Advanced). The dots represent the number of children at each level from the second test. We have the majority of students in the Basic level for math and reading. Help the children set realistic goals for the next test. Wouldn't it be great if we had no one in below basic across the board!Cougars Can!
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Clickers in the Classroom

The 2nd Grade team is using the clickers along with DEA probes and Journeys on-line material. Teachers instantly can reteach a skill based on the results. The clicker bar is opened on top of the webpage or it can be used on top of a worksheet under the Elmo. Let Mrs. Martin know if you need help using this great feature from CPS. Your lesson plans may be turned upside down but our test scores will be sky high!

Where are the Pacing Guides?