AVID Update & Information

Lakeside Middle School & Powell 6th Grade Center

Contract Signing

Thank you to everyone who attended our 1st annual event! The middle school alone signed over 80 contracts. If you are interested in signing the contract together with your family so we can take a picture and celebrate, please email me to schedule a time. gmcadams@littleelmisd.net

We are in the process of gaining all of the signatures for the signed contracts and will be sending home a copy of your child's contract soon. **A cool idea is to hang the contract somewhere the student can see it. This can be use to remind them of their commitment to their education (completing homework or project), their goal of attending college and it shows them all of the people who are supporting them along the way!

Upcoming Events

  • AVID T-Shirts on Sale until 9/18 - Cost is $9
  • 7th Grade Field Trip to UNT - 10/9
  • 8th Grade Field Trip to Baylor - 10/19
  • 6th Grade Field Trip (TBD -waiting on confirmations)

If you would like to be considered for chaperoning, please fill out the volunteer form as soon as possible. Parents/guardians can not attend without approval from LEISD. Here is the link: http://www.applitrack.com/LEISD/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Volunteers

T-Shirt Order Form

What should you be seeing from your AVID student right now?

  • Writing in their planner daily, in every core class, AVID and if they have a HS credit class. If your student is having trouble with this, try initialing each day and letting them know you are aware of the requirements.
  • Organized binder - this includes no papers in the backpack, papers filed on the rings of the binder (in the correct section).
  • Completing homework nightly

What will you be seeing from your AVID student over the next few weeks and months?

6th Grade

  • Introduction to Cornell Notes
  • Introduction to the AVID tutorial process & AVID Tutoring with College Tutors beginning 10/5
  • Time Management Project

7th Grade

  • Continuation of taking and using Cornell Notes to study
  • TRF's (Tutorial Request Forms) & AVID Tutoring with College Tutors beginning 10/5
  • Socratic Seminars
  • Learning Styles Project

8th Grade

  • Refining all skills in the areas of Cornell notes, Tutorial Request Forms
  • Learning Styles
  • Writing reflections and summaries
  • Philosophical Chairs