Skin Cancer Or Healthy Skin?!

By : Jessie Fogleman and Sarah St.Clair

Reasons For Choosing Our Position :

- Causes Skin Cancer

- Time Consuming

- Expensive

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Argument :

Tanning Beds cause many harmful problems to the human body. It matters because if people dont stop before its too late, their skin will be damaged. Our argument impacts people world wide who want to have healthy skin and keep their body safe. It is impacting people by warning them that tanning beds harm their bodies. There are multiple risks of tanning beds. First, it causes skin cancer. Second, if you get your skin too dark, there is no way to get your regular skin back.

No More Tanning Beds !!


The people who have used tanning beds in the past would probably be benifited by this project. It would aware them of the affects. People can stop using tanning beds and start tanning in the sun. This back up plan is safer.