Quitters, Inc.

Stephen King

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Plot Line

1. McCann tells Mr.Morrison about Quitters, Inc. - In the exposition, Mr.Morrison meets Mr.McCann who looks very healthy and happy. Mr.McCann lets Mr.Morrison on the secret that brought him out of his bad smoking habits and led him to the best life he could ever imagine.

2. Morrison visits Quitters, Inc. - About a month after receiving the white business card and having the visit with McCann, Mr.Morrison decides to walk to Quitters, Inc. to see what it is all about.

3. Morrison attends his second appointment at Quitters, Inc. and is approached with several threats. - At Morrison's second appointment at Quitters, Inc. with Donati, Donati faces him with what the process of quitting smoking will look like. This included several threats to him, his wife, and son Alvin if he choses to ever smoke again. He is told he will always have someone watching him, and that he will never be aware of where and when he is being watched. Morrison is terrified.

4. Morrison smokes a cigarette. - Morrison thinks he is not being watched and one day in his car, smoked a cigarette. When he returned home, his wife was gone. The wife and him faced electrocutions in punishment from his actions.

5. Morrison goes in for a weight check. - When Morrison goes in for a weight check, Donati confronts him with a threat of if he goes over the weight of 182 his wife's pinky finger will be cut off.

6. Twist. - In the end, Morrison and his wife accidentally meet up with Mr.McCann and his. While Morrison is shaking McCann's wife's hand, he realizes that she is without a pinky finger. Meaning that McCann had gone over his weight limit.

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The theme of Quitters, Inc. would have to be that love is very powerful and can alter what you will do for certain people and things. I think this because of the actions from Donati that the wife accepted so forgivingly, and the obsessive habit the husband gave up for his families assuring safety.


Donati was indirectly characterized. One way he was indirectly characterized was when he was told to "rot in hell". When he was told to rot in hell, he responded that "If I had a nickel for ever time someone expressed a similar sentiment, I could retire." This statement exemplifies that he is often told to "rot in hell". Rotting in hell is something that extremely bad people do. So, it shows that Donati is a very bad person as a whole, and that is seen by several people.

Mr.Morrison's Wife

Mrs.Morrison is indirectly characterized. When Mr.Morrison smoked a cigarette under his life long Quitters, Inc. treatment, his wife was taken from her house. She claimed that she thought at first they were burglars, then she thought they were trying to rape her. Once she was take, she was electrified. All of this because her husband smoked a cigarette. May I add, Mr.Morrison did not inform her of what she should prepare for if he were to smoke again. After all this happened and she saw her husband, she said "No, I don't hate you." This shows that Mr.Morrison is a very forgiving and extremely understanding person.

Central Conflict

The main conflict of Quitters, Inc. is Mr.Morrison trying to quit smoking, and facing the fact that if he ever smoked again his loved ones would be hurt. Throughout the entire story, it shows Mr.Morrison growing into the desire of why he wants to quit smoking. Once he gets there, he finds himself signed into a life long contract with Donati at Quitters, Inc that if he broke, his wife, him, and son would be physically hurt.
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A way that symbolism was used in Quitters, Inc. was the "rabbit trick". When Donati, a pragmatist form Quitters, Inc. was showing Mr.Morrison how the punishments of smoking worked, he used a rabbit. At first, Morrison had no clue that they were also to be used on a human. Donati electrified the bunny. When he was done, he mentioned that if Morrison were to smoke, this trick would be used on his wife, then son.

Why might you want to read Quitters, Inc.? (Foreshadowing)

Quitters, Inc. is a mysterious, dark, and intriguing story. I especially noticed this at the very end. At the end, you typically think that when the story has wrapped to its closing that it is over, right? Well, not in this short story. When Mr.Morrison met Mr.McCann's wife, he shook her hand realizing she had a pinky missing. This foreshadows to when Donati told Morrison if he went over his weight limit of 182 that he would cut of his wife's pinky. Since McCann was also in this treatment and had gone over his weight, his wife's finger had been cut off too. This shows foreshadowing and also an interesting twist to end the story. So, if you like an all together dark story with unexpected endings, Quitters, Inc. is definitely for you.
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