$20 dollar Thursdays! Book on facebook only!

Amazing airbrush Trinity tan! Best system out there!

I do $20 dollar tans on Thursdays only. Book on Spray tan and Spandex page. I will create an event for each Thursday and then you claim your time by reading above times and claiming and unclaimed time.


1 airbrush tan $45
2 to 3 people $35 each
4 or more $30 each.

I tan at Signature Dance Academy in the 2nd studio where lockers are. Please do not call studio as I do not set up appts with that front desk.

My main tanning day is Thursday. I am a busy Mom and this is my side job. What I lack in time availability, I make up for with the best price in an airbrush tan out there.
We are all looking for a deal and that is why I came up with $20 dollar tan Thursdays. I have many happy clients and repeat customers. I tan professional cheerleaders and what they say is my tan competes and is better then the 50 dollar plus tans out there. I am known for making cleavage and abs and enjoy making people feel beautiful!

If this is your first appt, let me know so I can walk you through the process and give you a little extra time. I keep my tans at this great price by doing the appts by facebook, and running every 20 minutes.

I tan at Signature Dance 13150 Poway Rd, Poway, CA.