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Lily's Story

Hi, my name is Lily. My favorite thing to do is play with my tennis ball.

I love to eat meat and vegetables. I LOVE kids! I used to live at the pet store. One day I was adopted and taken home. The people in my family are Nicholas and Jessie. The kids in my family play games like soccer and basketball with me. I like powder on my nose and nail polish on my nails. I am a fashion dog. I love to sleep in my rainbow colored canopy bed. When I wake up I go to the kitchen to eat a healthy apple for breakfast. For lunch I like to eat carrots and fish. I am a very happy dog. When I’m happy I wag my tail. Someday I want to go out and have some good old-fashioned fun by being in a Frisbee competition. I love to watch dog shows. My favorite shows are the “Puppy Bowl” and “Dogs Got Talent.” I want to go to the park to play fetch, eat ice cream and have superhero training. I get my superhero training from Super Dog. Super Dog teaches me to be safe, how to fly, how to make force fields and how to talk.

If you would like a super duper superhero dog, please adopt me. I will love and protect you forever. - Lily