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May 2015

Possible Network/Internet Upgrade June 4th and 5th after school

On June 4th and 5th at 3PM, the technology department along with an outside vendor will be performing upgrades. Internal access to U/V/P/Q drives, E-mail, Help Desk, PowerSchool, etc. may still be available at times in certain areas. These resources will also not be available outside of the schools during some parts of the upgrades. Internet connectivity will also be limited after 3:30ish for about 30 minutes or so.

Spring Cleaning - U / P / Q Drives

Please take some time over the next few weeks to go through your U, P and Q drives and delete anything that you no longer need. Thank you!

Technology Set-up Requests

If you need technology set-up for a special event, please put in a Help Desk ticket at least 48 hours in advance so we can coordinate your needs. Thank you.

Moving/Plugging in Technology

Please do not move any piece of technology without consulting the Technology Department. We have to keep detailed records of every piece of equipment, and appreciate your cooperation in this matter. This includes, but is not limited to: moving laptops from one cart to another, Apple TVs, iPads, phones, PCs, laptops, monitors, mice, keyboards, power bars, speakers, carts, projectors, wires, etc. If something is missing from or appears in your room, please notify us immediately! Please do not attempt to plug items back in yourselves, this could cause major network issues (including the complete network going down.)

Google pushed out an update to the stable channel of its browser Chrome April 14th that brought the version of the browser to 42.

With it comes the second phase of a major change in regards to how plugins are handled by the browser.

If you follow Ghacks you know that Google made the decision to phase out so-called NPAPI plugins in the Chrome browser and Chromium this year.

NPAPI plugins use an old plugin API from the Netscape days. Java, Silverlight and other popular technologies use this API to integrate into browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

Chrome supports a new API, called PPAPI, which is not affected by this move at all. Adobe Flash uses the new API in Chrome for example.

In September these plug-ins will no longer work in Chrome. This will then make some of the items we use here at school not work in Chrome (PowerSchool, Outlook Web - e-mail, game websites, PARCC, etc.). The only option will be to use Internet Explorer.

Free Personal Computer Tune-up from Microsoft

The Microsoft Store in Newark, DE is hosting a FREE class on tuning up your PC!

Click here for the details.

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