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Shaw Staff Bulletin Vol 10

Quote of the Week: 10/17-10/21

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Virtue of the Week:

The virtue this week is courage, which is personal bravery in the face of fear. Courage is doing what needs to be done even when it is really hard or scary. Place an emphasis on the virtue of courage when handing out earned Sundog Tickets this week.

Weekly Meetings:

  • CICO meeting
  • RTI meeting on Wednesday morning at 8:30 in the Chateau

Sundog Ticket Activity

Tuesday morning in the gym:

  • Grades 3-5 at 9:30
  • Grades K-2 at 10:10
  • PK see Caroline's email

Grades Due On 10/18 At 4:00 PM

Your grades are due to be submitted by 4:00 PM on Tuesday, October 18th. Caroline will have report cards printed and ready for you to distribute at Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Standards Aligned Report Cards (SARC)

Be sure to check out the email from Janet McLain regarding the updated grading scale for a 4, 3, 2, 1. With the updates to the rubric you will see more 4's being earned this year.

See the rubric below for your reference.

Big image

Halloween Festivities

Please be mindful of the fact that roughly 20% of our student population is ELL and may not celebrate Halloween. Any holiday activities within your classroom should include an alternate activity for students who do not celebrate that holiday and shouldn't be isolating.

Costumes will not be allowed in school on Halloween.

Lunch Supervision

See the schedule of lunch supervision assignments below. While supervising the lunch room please remember you're there to supervise all students, not just your class. Once students have been excused it's really helpful if you grab a rag and help get the tables quickly wiped down in preparation for the next lunch.

~Thank you

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Please keep in mind that the math-a-thon will only be as successful as you make it. If you don't get into it, your class won't either. This is an opportunity for some friendly competition with Queen and King Moolah. The Math-a-thon was modified this year to include suggestions taken from last year's meeting.


I-messages are a way for us to teach students about communicating. Please make this a habit for addressing student issues and be sure to practice them on a regular basis. The ability to deliver an effective I-message is an invaluable life skill.

If you are unclear how to facilitate I-messages, check with a team member or with me.

This Week's PLC Expectations

Answer the following questions as a grade level and report back to me.

  • How do you meet the various needs within your classroom?
  • Do you use some form of Daily 5 or group rotation to ensure you're able to meet with small groups or one-on-one?

Digital First Responders

Thank you to Erin Anders and Mellissa Mayse for being willing to take on the role of Digital First Responders. These two ladies will be quick to arrive and offer CPR to your CPU in times of need.


Each of you should be able to log into MyLearningPlan to see your evaluation info (link on the left side of screen). From there you may complete your 'Self-Reflection'.

I'd like to sit down with you and complete your 'Beginning of the Year Conference' this week. At that meeting I'll discuss the option of skipping with those of you it's applicable to.

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Other Dates to Note:

  • Picture retakes on Fri, 11/4
  • PD Day on Fri, 11/11
  • Girls' BB Tourney on Sat, 11/12 @ TMS
  • Boys' BB Tourney on Sat, 11/19 @ TMS

Laptop Computer Carts

Please be sure to return the laptop computers to the cart each night. Each machine needs to be plugged into power and the network so any updates that are pushed out by IT can take place.

It's frustrating for a student when their laptop shuts down because it wasn't charged. :-(

Building Sub

Please remember to check with and utilize Rosalinda as a first option when booking a sub.

Need a Sub?

  • Jen Jackson (207) 232-5961
  • Nichole Pope (907) 220-0898
  • Jody Komis (907) 373-7654
  • Jeff Kase #15266 (907) 775-5333
  • Rebecca Cooney (907) 631-8081
  • Rosalinda Albanese (907) 229-5739 *building substitute
  • Amanda Kuebler (907) 360-4926 *prefers Sped only. Prearrange*
  • Emily Nokes-Minor (907) 854-5445
  • Lenore Zupko (907) 346-0742
  • Rochelle Bushey (907) 843-1116
  • Denali Critchette (907) 399-7789
  • Jennifer Clark (907) 373-1999
  • Hari Atmi-Khalsa (907) 376-4601
  • Teresa Slaven (907) 373-6369
  • Molly Smedley (907) 376-8230
  • Charlie Yoder (907) 355-2848
  • Leona Bennet (907) 227-9082
  • Bonnie Whitefeather