Spencer Daines


Suffrage is finally over after a 72 year battle women finally won the right to vote. Many women fought for their right to vote such as Carrie Chapman Catt and Alice Paul. Margaret Sanger also fought hard for women rights. Although now with the right to vote women wanted to have some fun.

Life of Flappers

Flappers were northern, urban, single, young, middle-class women. Many of these women had jobs, many included clerking jobs. Also at department stores where women worked on the sales floor. Flappers did more than just work. At night they went out to the jazz clubs and just had fun. Women consumed a lot of alcohol during the prohibition, more than years while it was legal. Smoking also became very popular among women during this time. Flappers did many things during their time that women before them did not do.

Flapper Look

Flappers were easily spotted. Many of these women cut their hair most women had hair midway down their back, but for flappers it was bobbed to their shoulders. Dresses that the flappers wore also began to get a little bit shorter. Makeup became a necessity for women of these times. They had more cleavage and higher heels, the men definitely noticed. Women finally became their own being they finally stopped bothering their boyfriends and husbands and started to think for themselves. Flappers had a good ole time in the roaring 20's.