USW Primary Studies

Issue 4


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Digital Competence

USW Digital Day

Next Tuesday we have a day of technology for our Year 3 students. This promises to be an excellent opportunity to see how technology can be embedded in the classroom and will give students a great range of ideas as they look to get their first jobs for September.

We llok forward to seeing all of our Year 3 students Tuesday morning in Caerleon.

Using technology for AFL

AFL is a big focus in developing students. But how do we monitor progress and evidebnce it? Technology is a simple way to make assessment a simple process but also allow the teacher to easily track the progress being made by students.

Follow the link to 3 simple tools to help.

Further reading

Ideas for lessons

Teacher Spotlight

What do other teachers do?

This weeks teacher spotlight looks at Neil Jarrett. Neil is a Year 6 teacher and maths coordinator at an international school in Bangkok and is interested in researching and sharing ideas that support learners.

Read more about her work here via his blog