Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA)

jason betgevergiz and jose chavez

intended for and intended to do

FERA was intended to help employable people get jobs who are on welfare or other relief rolls

Main ideas from the video

  • FERA was meant to not only assist citizens in getting through the depression, but diversify the other relief programs too.
  • FERA was one of the most successful acts in Roosevelts presidency
  • FERA was only meant to help people who could be employed

Federal Emergency RELIEF Act

The program falls under relief because it was meant to stop people from starving until the other programs could work into the society
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How effective was it?

This program was incredibly effective, so effective that out of all the acts passed during the great depression, FERA was considered one of Roosevelts greatest acts.

Does the program add to our understanding of the Great Depression?

Yes and no, it added to our understanding because it was helping people out who were in poverty, however it didnt because it was only meant to be for employable people who were already getting government help.

Does FERA still exist?

No, FERA was only active for two years, however it should still exist today because our unemployment, while not as high as it was during the Great Depression, is still very high.
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