It's Time

To Reconnect. To Re-Engage. To Reach YOUR goals in Q4.

Back on Track and Ready to Rock!

Divas -

It's been a while since I've sent out a team newsletter and I thought there was no better time to connect with you than right now. Was your summer like mine? Long, leisurely beach days and impromptu BBQs with friends and family. Weekend get-aways to take advantage of the gorgeous weather or just taking the time to read a great book or try a new recipe. I loved every minute of my relaxed schedule and spending Q time with the kids but now it's mid August and Q4 is literally right around the corner! Did you know Stylists earn 60% of their yearly commission in just the next 4 months? It's so important that we all take a few minutes this week to think about what our individual goals are for Q4 and what we need to do to reach them. Maybe you want to build a team? Maybe it's a financial goal - whether it be paying off some debt or saving enough money to go on vacation or buy something for your house or yourself. What I love about our opportunity is that we have complete control over how much we want to do, how much we want to make and how much time we want to commit. Guess what the one factor is that will either make or break your opportunity? YOUR BELIEF IN YOURSELF. Obstacles, unexpected situations and "NO's" occur every single day in life but if you have the right mindset that you can and will overcome obstacles both big and small and you will create an amazing opportunity that will bring you joy, new friendships, financial independence, personal growth and success. Here is to an amazing 4 months ahead!

Don't forget our team incentive for this month.... book any new August trunk shows this week and be entered to win a $50 product credit - runner up gets a pack of fall look books!

Congratulations to those Divas who have front loaded their August!

Sarah Pearsall $3546 in sales!

Lauren Greeley $1119 in sales!

Kim Bender $856 in sales!

Brand new Stylist, Maria Vasilevsky $513 in sales!

Susie Pala $502 in sales!

There is still plenty of time to qualify ($500 in retail sales) or hit 30% commission ($2400 in retail sales). How? Re-fresh your Who Do You Know List and pick up the phone to offer them the extra $50 in hostess credits for booking an August trunk show with you!

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Kristen Weiss, Director & Founding Leader

With gratitude, respect and admiration for all that you have done and all that you will accomplish as a Stella Diva.