Intermediate Foods

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Please visit the following link:

This website will guide you through the production, nutrition, buying, scientific parts, and storage of eggs. Complete your notes using these resources! BE SURE TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE EXIT TICKET BEFORE YOU LEAVE! If you have any questions, Ms. B will be walking around to help.


Once you are finished with your ThingLink, visit

If you run out of time to do this part, Ms. B has paper copies you can take home with you to finish over the weekend. THESE ARE DUE MONDAY!

Click "Sign Up" in the upper right hand corner. You will need a valid email address for this part.

When creating your username, use your first initial then your last name. For example: LBrentlinger

Scroll down to and click on "Continue to Free Quizlet"

On the left hand side, click "Add a Class"

Type in: Intermediate Foods

Join Raytown High School's class, Ms. B will approve you.

Click: Study- Test

Begin your quiz! Good luck! :)

Print out your completed quiz!

Keep your notes, we will discuss them on Monday!

Next week in Intermediate Foods...

Monday- Finishing up eggs, omelet demo
Tuesday- Omelet Lab
Wednesday- Test Review
Thursday- Breakfast Pizza Lab
Friday- Milk, egg, and cheese test