Spanish Newsletter

Week of April 8-12

What we did this week...

Greetings Parents/Guardians!

This week students have been learning and practicing their vocabulary words associated with the kitchen. They know the words for silverware (fork, spoon, knife), kitchen sink, table, kitchen, dining room, tablecloth, etc. On Tuesday and Wednesday they were given the opportunity to choose activities that best fit their needs in order to acquire the new vocabulary. The activities they did to practice their vocabulary included a variety of listening, speaking, reading, games, individual and/or partner activities. I like to give students the option of choosing the activities that best suit their learning style and have found it more interesting for them as well.

I have included pictures of students playing "30 Segundos" (30 Seconds) to help them practice their vocabulary. This was a challenging activity because students were asked to describe the vocabulary word in Spanish and have their teammates guess the word. (You may notice their phones/ipods on their desks...I asked them to take them out and use them because they needed time keepers and well as "buzzers").

The quiz on this vocabulary took place in class today (Thursday) and I will be sure to post their results within 24 hours.

Something new this week........!!!!!

As stated in my previous emails this school year, one of my goals is to increase my communication with my students' parents. I have been sending out weekly emails letting parents/guardians know what their child has been learning in my class. (As a parent of a school-aged student, I feel that this is super helpful when discussing school with my own child and I hope that you find this useful too.)

As we all know there are new tools, gadgets, apps, technology entering our lives daily. I try (as best I can) to follow the latest and greatest and incorporate them into my classes when appropriate and beneficial to student learning. One tool that I came across this week is called "Classdojo". It is an on-line app that allows teachers to assess student's participation and behavior in class and then sends a weekly report to parents' email. This week I will be doing a "practice run through" of this program and hope to have it up and running so that you can receive your report by next week. I will also be sending home a "user ID code" with your child so that you can check their behavior and participation, on a daily basis, instead of waiting for the weekly report on Friday.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else....:)

Coming up Next Week...

Students will be adding more verbs to their Spanish repertoire. The verbs that they are going to learn are "stem-changing" verbs (verbs that have a spelling change in the root of the verb). Stem-changing verbs are very popular in the Spanish language and they allow us to say the following actions: to prefer, to start, to think, to light/turn on, to begin, to repeat, to want/wish, to say/tell, to serve and much much more.

On Tuesday or Wednesday (April 16th or 17th) students will be assessed on the stem-changing verbs.

In addition to the verb assessment, students will be learning the names for the rooms of the house in Spanish. (I have attached a vocabulary list to this email as well.)

Lastly, there is an informational meeting on Tuesday April 16th at 6:00 p.m. @ MHS library for students (and their parents) who are interested in traveling to Italy during April vacation 2014. Ms. Dillon, the French teacher, is the organizer of this trip. If you would like to communicate with her about this trip,her email is This trip is open to all students at MHS.