Colombian Exchange

By Carson Van Horn

What is the Columbain Exchange

The Colombian Exchange was when the america's and the Europiens traded with each other. Such as animals and plants like corn,tomatoes,cattle,and chickens. But there were also bad effects of the Colombian Exchange. One bad effect of the Colombian Exchange was the daises that the Europiens brought to the America's. This wiped out several native tribes. Another bad thing that the Colombian Exchange did was bring potatoes to Europe. This was a big effect because soon after they became poprular a fungus took out most if not all of the potatoes. Many people died because potatoes were used in almost every meal. Another big problem is it was really dangerous to go to the new land. you could run out of food you could never get there and there is a big possibility that you could die. But there were many good things that the Colombian Exchange did like bring many different taste to Europe.Like spices and many vegetables. This was good because it made people happy and more income. Another good thing the Colombian Exchange did was increase Europe's population by 8 fold. This would bring more torist to Europe and the torist will probly make more money for Europe store. Another good thing that the Colombian Exchange did was bring adventure to Europe's Explorers. It would make them want to explorer and see the world.

No Colombian Exchange

I think there should be no Colombian Exchange because it was hurting more than helping. It hurt the new world and the old world it was good for a little bit but it started to kill people with disease and by starving because a big crop died. I just think there should Have been a Colombian Exchange at all.
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