Family Across Generations

The Role of Family

Dad (Baby Boomer)

My dad's name is Juvenal. He was born June 1st, 1964 in La Piedad, Michoacan. He is the middle child from his 9 siblings. My dad is a very quiet laid back person. Some chores he had when he was younger was to help his dad with farm work. His highest level of education is high school. A popular hairstyle during his early years was the mullet. Some popular shirts they wore were the patterned button up shirts. His thoughts about marriage is that marriage is good only if you really enjoy being with the person. Being a man to him meant doing a lot of outside work. According to him kids now don't know the opportunities they have to make a better living. Advice he has for high school students is that hard work always pays off.

Mom (Generation X)

My mom's name is Alicia. She was born on August 7th, 1974 in La Piedad, Michoacan. She is the youngest and only girl out of her 5 siblings. My mother's personality is a very kind, caring person. Chores that she did as a teenager were washing dishes and cleaning the house. Some popular things during her times were tall puffy hair. Her thoughts on marriage is that marriage is a choice and some people have to take that risk to know if they're capable of handling it. Being a women to her meant that you had to do more inside house chores. She believes now it has changed because more women are starting to work in offices and etc. She also believes that kids now aren't taught the real meaning of hard work and expect everything to be given. Some advice she has for high school students is to stay focused and work hard.

Brother (Generation Y/Millennials)

My brother's name is Juvenal. He was named after our dad. He was born January 14th, 1994. Juvenal was also born in La Piedad, Michoacan. He is the oldest boy out of 5 siblings. Juvenal is a really laid back person who is very out going. Some chores that he does around the house is take out the trash. His first job was at 16 and he worked for Thornton Township. He went to Coolidge Middle School and also attended Thornridge High School. He is graduating in May from Saint Xavier University majoring in International Business and Marketing. Fads from his early years consisted of baggy clothes. Hairstyles that were popular at his time were short haircuts and Mohawks. He finds marriage a thing only certain people can handle. Marriage isn't for everyone according to him. Growing up as a man you had to be tough and do manly things. He believes things have changed slightly, kids now are told to express themselves. He also believes that kids today lack a lot of discipline. Some advice he has for high school students today is that you should focus on positive things and surround yourself with good people.


Many of the responses from my Dad, Mom, and Brother are similar. They all see marriage as a choice and not an obligation. The advice is similar as well because they know that from working hard you can achieve a lot. Both my parents had a big family so we can see that's the reason they had a big family. Both my Dad and brother knew that being a man growing up you had to do manly things. My mom knew that she had to do house chores which many women are taught to do as women. Each generation has changed from the smallest things. Meaning the ways they see certain aspect from being a man and women and from marriage as well.