Veronica Roth was born August 19, 1988. she is an American author who wrote the Divergent trilogy. She was raised in Burlington, Illinois. She attended Northwestern University in Chicago. In 2011 she married photographer named Nelson Fitch. Veronica Roth also has an older brother named Karl Roth, he is a musician.

Main characters

Beatrice Prior: She has blond hair and blue- gray eyes. She is born in the abnegation faction. She finds out that she is divergent and chooses the Dauntless faction. Her brother is Caleb and they are close.

Caleb Prior: He has dark hair and his mother's eyes. He was born in the Abnegation faction and chooses the Erudite faction.

Al: He is the broadest of all the initiates. He is also the strongest of them all. he was born in the faction of Candor and chose the Dauntless faction.

Christina: She is tall, has dark brown skin, brown eyes, and has black hair, She also has a younger sister. She was born in Candor and chose the Dauntless faction

Four/Tobias: He has dark blue eyes, a deep voice, more than six feet tall, muscular, and has short hair. four fears heights and confinement. Four has multiple tattoos, one of Abnegation and one of Dauntless. He was also born Abnegation and tested divergent but chose Dauntless.


The conflict is her personal struggle to discover where she belongs and if she is brave enough to be Dauntless. Also as the fact that she is seeing all of the flaws in her society. It is not as perfect as she was thought it was or taught to believe. Now they must all learn to work together to survive the revolution, and also to create a new life in a world consumed in war; where she is now factionless.

Importance of choice

Divergence is extremely dangerous. ~Tori p. 23 This quote shows that being different in this world is very hard and difficult. When someone cannot fit in they will be punished over time and not make the life that they would have wanted, especially during a war.

The Reader

A person who likes to read a book with a little bit of mystery and suspense mixed in with action and adventure. Most likely a teenager from the age of 14 to an adult the age of 40.


I thought that the book was alright. Its was some what slow for me and had a little to much drama. The events was not very interesting and had a lot of detail.

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