Mr. B's Bright Lights

Primary School rocks with great kids!

Terrific Start

Throughout our school, in every classroom, there was joy and excitement about the beginning of the year. New routines, new friends, and new staff brought out the whoop-whoop with all of the kids. Our Merton Way Day focused on safe bus riding and cafeteria behavior-each session was 15 minutes in length. The kids were magnificent! Here are some fourth graders in Mr. Sutter's class learning how to learn together.

Spelling it Out

There will be a brief series of articles found in the SMORE about being direct with your children. I found the article while reading this summer and found it to be insightful and challenging. The ideas come from the book " You never told me that, a crash course for preparing your children for independence". These thoughts are meant to be a gentle nudge into areas that may be a bit unnerving, but worth thinking about. Look for them starting next week.

Playground Fun

Our playground, with new fresh lines, and the new gaga ball pit, has the kids really excited about playing during recess. Here are some pics of them in action.

The New Library Renovation is so Cool

If you haven't seen our new library, please stop by. Many hands contributed to the design and renovation of this awesome space for children to explore the world of books. There is new paint, new furniture, new objects, new themes, new artwork, and the focus is on the children. Here are some pics to give you an idea.

What we hope for our littles as they move through our school

Here are examples of the bulletin board just inside our main doors. Hopes and dreams from our staff about our students.

Our Wishes for the children

As you walk into our school, please look to your right as there you will find what our staff hopes and wishes for our children. The rays of sunshine hold the words of our staff members to share with you. Please take a moment.