Alexandr Anenko

Something about me

General information


I want to tell you some information about me. I'm a first-year student. I'm studying International Economics at Donetsk national technical university.

I don't have any bad habits. I'm a bit tall, quite sporty, sociable and some people say that I'm smart. I have an imaginary friend, his name is Adolf, but other people don't believe that he exists. Only my best friend does.

I did jujitsu for 4 years, but had to stop it because of preparation for independent testing. But i have a certificate that I have the fifth kyu, yellow belt.

I like spending my free time with friends, but I should study to get enhanced stipend. So I'm trying to study hard.

My favourite day is Saturday and it makes no difference that saturday can be on tuesday or on thursday.

And of course I like listening to music. I'm raised on Rock!

Scorpions - Raised on rock