The Monday Message

Office of the Principal; Monday, February 8, 2016

Quote for the Week!

"People love to work hard. They key question remains, are you doing the hard work." ~ Stephen Hefner, Ed.D

Duty Roster

Click here for the Duty Roster

Monday - I Group on duty (PK Jones and K. Mays-Fowler, PM Duty)

Tuesday - R Group on duty (Major-Murphy PM Duty)

Wednesday - M Group on duty (PK Jones and K. Mays-Fowler, PM Duty)

Thursday - O Group on Duty (All Admin, PM Duty)

Friday - M. Group on Duty (I. Odom and V. Sava, PM Duty)

The Week Ahead

February is African American History Month

Monday 2/8/16 - Admin Mtg (9:00am, Cafe), Team Leader Mtg (3:50pm, FCR), C-Team Basketball Finals vs Dutch Fork Middle (6:45pm, IHS), Board Meeting, 7:00pm, NRES)

Tuesday 2/9/16 - Crew (8:20-8:50), Team Mtgs (During Plannings), District Leadership Mtgs (4pm, Designated Locations), NYC Parent Mtg (6:30pm, Cafe')

Wednesday 2/10/16 - No events planned

Thursday 2/11/16 - International Day of Girls and Women in Science, Fine Arts Field Trips to Elem. Schools, Crew Leader Mtg (3:50pm, FCR), School Renewal Plan Committee Mtg (3:50pm, Media Center), Valentine's Dance (4pm-6pm, Cafe')

Friday 2/12/16 - Field Trip (Chinese Classes), Field Trip (Fine Arts Classes), 3 on 3 Basketball Tourney (5pm-8pm, Gym)

Tasks to Complete This Week!

Tasks to Complete This Week!

1. Teach like a scholar every period, every day!

2. Update your gradebooks (weekly). I will be running a gradebook report next week to see where we stand.

3. Attend Tuesday's team meetings. If applicable, attend Tuesday afternoon's Leadership Meetings

4. Incorporate at least one of the Global Themes into your classroom activities, lessons, etc.

5. Everyone report to duty as scheduled. See roster here.

6. Read the Monday Message in its entirety (including the articles linked and inserted). Also view the video clips, reflect, and adjust your practices where needed.

District Five Teacher Forum

Monday, Feb. 15th, 8:30-11:30am

Chapin Middle School

1. All D5 middle level certified personnel will be at CMS from 8:30-11:30am

2. Sessions will begin promptly at 8:30am

3. There will be sign-in sheets by school. All certified personnel must attend and sign in.

4. Support staff are to report to IRMO MIDDLE.

5. Because of the number of certified employees in the district, there will be a shortage of about 600 parking spaces. IMS staff should meet at the school and then carpool. Arrange this with your teams and departments well in advance.

6. Dr. Hefner expects everyone’s enthusiastic support

February Staff Birthdays

Regan Moore, February 6th

Alicia Gordon, February 20th

Awatif Ismail, February 23rd

Chris Ranly, February 29th

Please join me in wishing these amazing IMS staff members Hauʻoli lā hānau (Happy Birthday in Hawaiian)!

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1. Vicki Williams- Coach Williams did a magnificent job organizing the pep rally and generating a level of excitement for our fall sports teams. It was lively, filled with school spirit, and encouraging of the desired behaviors and participation. iAM so grateful for Coach Williams willingness to step in and facilitate the pep-rally for our students. Please join me in recognizing Coach Williams for leading an outstanding pep-rally. Let's give her a huge iAM shout out.

2. Will Green and Kimberly Waters - For those of you who may not know, Mr. Green and Mrs. Waters have been selected at our 2016-17 Teacher and Support Employees of the Year. I am so proud and congratulate them on this honor. Please join me in recognizing Mr. Green and Mrs. Waters for their outstanding work. They continue to embrace New Thinking and New Practices. Now they are getting New Results! Let's give them a huge iAM shout out.

3. Laurie Dobbe - Last week, we had a situation where a student needed to get home to get some medicine and their parent did not transportation. Mrs. Dobbe immediately suggested a solution that worked for the student and parent. Mrs, Dobbe does so much for IMS. She steps in wherever is needed and always has a positive attitude. I cannot complement Mrs. Dobbe enough for always going the extra mile to service the needs of our school. iAM so proud of her for all that she does. Please join me in recognizing Mrs. Dobbe for always embracing new thinking and new practices in order to get new results. Lets give her a huge iAM shout out.

4. JaNette McKnight, Tina Stevens, Leisa McNeil, and Elizabeth Crocker- The following individuals have been selected by their colleagues as our January award recipients. The Teacher of the Month is Mrs. Tina Stevens. The Support Employee of the Month is Mrs. Leisa McNeil. The Digital Integration Teacher of the Month is Mrs. Elizabeth Crocker, and our Crew Leader of the Month is Mrs. JaNette McKnight. These staff members have done an amazing job and deserve this recognition. I am hearing and witnessing so many positive things that these professionals are doing to make our school shine. Collectively, they embrace the New Thinking, New Practices, New Results mindset and work diligently everyday to achieve excellence. iAM so proud of each of them and congratulate them on this honor. Let's give them all a huge iAM shout out.

5. April Garrett - Ms. Garrett took the initiative top submit a application to get one of her classroom projects and needs funded. We are happy to announce that her project was funded. As such, she will receive two new chromebook for her classroom. iAM so proud of Ms. Garrett for taking the initiative to find the funds needed for her classroom projects. As a result, she will be able to deepen the learning experiences for her students and guide them towards improved results. She definitely embraced new thinking and new practices and got new results. Let's give Ms. Garrett a huge iAM shout out.

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Attending Parent Meetings - This past week, I was on the receiving end of several parent meetings who were very upset that several teachers did not show up for a previously scheduled meeting. I am asking all staff members to manage your calendars properly and make sure you attend meetings when scheduled. This is a very difficult thing to defend and puts our leadership team in very tough situations. When you get notification of a meeting, put it on your calendars and set a reminder of some sort. If you need assistance with managing your calendar, please see Mrs. Young.

Calling Parents - It has been a practice of some teachers to call parents during instruction to address student misbehavior. We want teachers to solicit the support of parents and call them with good news first and also when they need assistance with behavior. We should not be calling parents during instruction and handling these situations in front of students. Utilize the planning centers, guidance interventions, administrative assistance and your planning times (including before and after-school) for these calls/conferences.

Cell Phone Usage in Classrooms - It has been brought to my attention by several phone calls from parents that students are observing teachers and staff members texting during instruction or evening interrupting instruction to take personal phone calls. According to the district employee handbook, "the use of cellphones in classrooms is prohibited except during a teacher or teacher assistant’s planning or break time. Cell phones should be left off while teachers or teacher assistants are engaged in instruction or when students are in the room, unless prior permission has been obtained from the principal due to an emergency situation."

I understand if devices are being used to facilitate work-flow (sending/responding to emails, pushing out remind messages, managing your class social media channel, engaging students in a kahoot exercise, etc..), I will permit usage for work reasons. If personal/school devices are being used for personal reasons (texting, taking personal phone calls, updating social media accounts, etc...), I am asking that we discontinue this practice immediately. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Keeping Students in Class - Remember the 10/10 policies and keep students in class during the critical times when you should be unpacking learning targets and debriefing lessons. During other times, make solid decisions when students need to be out of class. I am seeing an increased number of students in the hallways. We will begin stopping the frequent flyers and escorting them back to class. Also at dismissal, make absolutely sure you are not releasing students before the bell. We do not have our supervision teams in place until the bell rings and releasing students could be a liability issue. If you have any questions, see your grade level administrator.

Closing Thoughts

Our closing thoughts are centered on the the notion of want to versus have to. This past week, I was so inspired by the student voice at IMS and the collective actions that led to Thursday's pink out. It reminded me so clearly that we are underestimating the power of the student voice. Additionally, when I had a few moments with the young man who lost his mother, I saw so much strength and courage in his eyes. It led me to these closing thoughts based on my weekend reading.

Would you show up for work if you knew you were dying of cancer? Special team’s coach Bruce DeHaven of the Carolina Panthers didn’t miss a practice all season, even though he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, before the football season began.

Perhaps, if you needed the money, you would show up till the bitter end. But, it’s love, not money that’s motivating coach DeHaven. When asked why he’s still coaching, Bruce said,

“In the end, I wanted to coach. I just love coaching.” Fulfillment is found in “want to,” never “have to.”

Money Can't Buy You Love!

The R&B group "Blackstreet" was right when they sang, “Money can’t buy you love.” Fear might force compliance, but performance rooted in love can’t be bought.

  1. Love – for something outside yourself – makes you remarkable. Coach DeHaven doesn’t like talking about his cancer. “It should be about those guys and everything they have done,” speaking of his players.
  2. Love lifts a job from work to calling.
  3. Love inspires. Hatred might motivate action, but love ignites your soul.

Love is expressed when you serve the best interests of others. When you love you find meaning.

  1. How are you serving the best interest of your school, classroom, or students?
  2. What do you love about your work?
  3. What do you love about serving your team?

Everyone does things they don’t love. Never allow things you don’t love to overshadow things you love. Focus on things you love, even when you’re doing things you don’t.

Where is the love?

  1. Ask your teammates the same “love questions” I encouraged you to ask yourself.
  2. What would you do, even if you didn’t have to?
  3. What would you do for free?

Give your heart, if you expect those around you to give theirs.

What prevents us as teachers and leaders at IMS from leveraging the power of love? How might we all help each other connect with things we love and know are best for students?

Let's have an amazing week of teaching and learning.

Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Principal

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