ABS Technology Cafe'

Anna Boyd School

April 8, 2016

Thank you for your participation in our ABS Technology Cafe'! These are some of the highlights from our session.

Register for the SC Midlands Summit- $30 for Richland 2 Teachers & Staff

SC Midlands Summit Sessions Offerings

Bright Bytes Survey

April 25- May 13, 2016

This is when the window is open for our students and teachers to participate in the Bright Bytes Survey. Links for students and teachers will be coming out soon. It is important for students and teachers to participate. This will yield meaningful data that we will use to advance our technology integration.

Mark you calendars!!!

Anna Boyd School's SC Ready & Pass Dates

SC Ready Day 1 ELA Tuesday, April 26th

SC Ready Day 2 ELA Wednesday, April 27th

SC Ready Math Thursday, April 28th

SC-Pass Science Thursday, May 11th

SC-Pass Social Studies Tuesday, May 12th

Student's Device Distribution

Please check your classroom computer cart for your new students' devices. They will be labeled and their cases will be placed on top of your cart. I will be updating the Master Inventory list and your individual teacher inventory list as they are assigned. Please keep me informed of any discrepancies as soon as you find out so we can correct it.

New Network Password Procedure coming soon.

Very soon students & staff will have the ability to reset their own passwords. As we are moving to this system there are new policies and procedures that will be created too. As soon as these measures are officially put in place, we will cover it in our Technology Cafe'.

Aleks Resources

Math Teachers!

Please let me know, if you have not already started, what time you would like for me to come to your classroom on 4/15/16 to support students in using Aleks.
ALEKS Math Learning System Webinar