Julia's Science 6 Page

This Is My Smore To Show My Learning In Science

An Introduction To Science 6

An Introduction To Julia Moghaddam

Hello my name is Julia Moghaddam. I am Currently, eleven years old and this will be my first year attending Pioneer Middle School. Overall, I am very glad that I have been chosen my to be in your class, and hope that you can get to know me very well. I feel confident going into the 6th grade mainly because I have an older brother who has told me what I should expect from this experience. My favorite hobbie is to dance, I am an advanced dancer at South Coast Preforming Arts and I've been dancing since I was four.

An Introduction To Science 6

For unit one Science six the class did different handouts such as , Observations and Inferences, Qualitative and Quantitative Lab, etc. For the mini Microscope Unit the class learned about Microscope Notes, Microscope Parts, How to Use a Microscope Sequencing Map, Letter e Lab, and sand lab. Learning how to use a microscope was one of my highlight's for unit one. The class also did six o'clock partners, we used are number six partner to do our mapping unit which also had some handouts.

Microscope Unit (favorite unit)

The Microscope Unit was the most fascinating in my opinion because it was the most useful unit. Microscopes also make things more fun to look at that might not look so appealing.