Library Lookout

September 29, 2015

New MAP Norms

MAP has announced their new norms (AKA mean scores) for each grade level. To see them, please type the following URL into your browser: The file is also attached to this email.

Book Chat Lists Announced

Please encourage your students to attend our Book Chats! The lists can be found on the cart in the Library and on the Book Chat page on the LMC Canvas site.

Primary Book Chat: 2nd-3rd graders (plus excellent 1st grade readers)
Intermediate Book Chat: 3rd-5th graders

Ticket to Read

Correction: The app is only available to students who are in the Clubhouse, which students automatically transition to according to their scores or as they become better readers, usually during third grade.

Third grade teachers: encourage your students to use T2R on a computer/Chromebook until they get to the Clubhouse.

Digital Citizenship

Here are the links. Remember, open a web browser and type in the tinyurl!


Scope and Sequence:

End of Year Slideshow

Don't forget to add pictures to the shared folders on your iPad! If you need help, ask us!

Also, pictures with 2-4 students are best.