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Weekly Newsletters

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This newsletter contains information on weekly newsletters.

Why send them....

  • Keep students and parents informed of what is due each week
  • Pass on important information that you want students and parents to know
  • Serve as another way to disseminate information to your stakeholders

What to include....

  • assignments due this week
  • helpful tips (how to check feedback, test-taking tips, assignment tips and tricks, etc)
  • times and topics for your synchronous session
  • anything else you'd like to include.
  • For example....
    1. Is there an assignment that has already gotten some questions?
    2. Have you added some Extra Learning Opportunities you'd like students and parents to know about?
    3. Would you like to pass on the link from last week's synchronous session?
    4. Add a reminder for an upcoming test...
    5. Are there some study resources you'd like your students to have?
    6. Is there a particularly difficult concept this week you'd like to elaborate on?

What to use...

Here is my Week 1 newsletter to give you some ideas....

Some Extra Goodies to Help Make Your Semester Easier

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