Close Read Questions

Losing Face pg. 579

Who is the speaker of this poem? Describe the conflict she is having.

1. The speaker is Janet S. Wong. Her conflict is that she doesn't want to tell her mother what she's done.

Where does Wong use rhyme in the first stanza?

2. "Finally Mother is proud..." and "And laughing so loud..."

The poem is structured so that each stanza helps you understand the speakers feelings. In your own words summarize what each stanza is about.

3. The first stanza shows how the mother is proud of what she did. The second stanza shows how Janet is the only one that knows what she did. The third stanza shows that Janet doesn't want to tell anybody what she did.

Reread the boxed section. It is the only place where each line contains a complete sentence. Why might the poet have chosen to emphasize these lines?

4. The boxed section shows the main idea of why Janet is acting negatively

Reread the last stanza. Why doesn't the speaker want to admit what she's done?

5. Because she probably cheated and didn't deserve to win the art contest