Influence of Leadership

Rebekah Adams

Leadership Thesis

Effective leaders are those who stand up to and take the risks in order to inspire others through their strengths in creativity, confidence, and honesty.

Effective Leadership

In order to be seen has an inspirational "leader", one has to be effective. Personally, I think effective means to be a positive influence for the well being to/for others. Since the beginning of time, several personnels have taken risks to become an effective leader. These people brought about a new perspective about life, literature, sports, politics, economy, school, etc...


"Off your butt, on your feet. Out of the shade and in the heat."

-Jeff Hester

Leadership Skills

Creativity - by having an unique imagination and beliefs

Confidence - regarding the score or the negativity, one always has a smile on their face and thinks on the bright side for the better good

Honesty - respectable and good reputation of being truthful regarding the feelings involved