Campus Information

From the desk of Beckie Webster

Thank you for keeping the focus on student learning:

What are we suppose to do during PLC time? 2nd grade nailed it! Great job today with reviewing and scoring the Writing Benchmarks as a team! Thank you for working smarter not harder!

I know you know this-we have the best SPED. team on the planet. Every teacher has one focus - Student Success. Thank you for always looking out for our students Adolph Ortiz, Leah Lambert, Richard Huey, Becca Smith, Heidi Buschang, Anita Calph, Vicky Moon, Robin Martinez and Adrianna Vallejo.

Gaby Lara-we threw her in the deep end of the pool and we are off and running! Thank you Gaby for always looking out for our teachers and students. She jumped in like she has been in the thick of it for months. Thank you for your endless dedication to our campus and leading our team!

Campus Problem Statement

As you are evaluating students' reading levels-keep in mind our campus problem statement:

At Whitestone Elementary 20% of our monolingual students and 32% of our Bilingual students are not reading on grade level. We believe that if 100% of our students are reading on or above grade level our students will be prepared for academic growth and success at all levels.