The Cuban Missile Crisis

By: Patrick Blevins


During the Cuban Missile Crisis, American and Soviets leaders fought politically and military for 13-days for the installation of Nuclear Weapons in Cuba, about 90 miles away from the U.S. The discovery of the missile being installed in Cuba was discovered by a U-2 Spy Plane flying above Cuba. President Kennedy and the Excom decided that the missile installation was unnecessary, so they came up with a lot of options on they should do and Kennedy ultimately decided that he will send the U.S. Navy to create a blockade so that Soviets won't get any more supplies to finish the build.

The Soviets felt uneasy because the U.S. had missiles pointed at them from Eastern Europe and Turkey. Nikita Khrushchev was deciding that if he should send the missile to Cuba because they needed to increase his nation's nuclear strike capability. Fidel Castro was okay with them building Soviets missile on their land because Castro became dependent on Soviets military and economic aid.

Facts about the Cuban Missile Crisis

1. U-2 aerial pictures were analyzed in a secret office about a used car dealership.

2. To keep the leaking of the crisis, the government used the excuse that everything was closed because of the cold.

3. The Crisis only lasted for 13 days.

4. Kennedys administration thought that the missiles were gone, but they weren't.

5. Secret door diplomacy is what stopped the crisis.

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