Information from the Phoenix Regional Training

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Exciting things are coming our way!! The Regional Phoenix meeting last night was awesome!

Bracelets and New Chains will be available to order at 12am, this Friday!

Let's talk about the "elephant" in the room first...our NEW System. Some Designers are having NO problems and others are having SOME issues. IT is still behind the scenes working on the kinks in the system and still uploading things to the back office. They are working in phases of the launch. Phase 2 will be early 2014 and Phase 3 will be end of 2014, which will include mobile apps.

It is VERY important to watch the training videos!

NEW product is coming our way! We will continue to have our Spring and Fall product launch with new catalogs but will also be adding the following product launches, which we can print off New product sheets to go along with our current catalogs.

January we will have new product for Valentine's Day!

Then the NEW Spring Catalog, followed by new product for Mother's Day, Graduation, and then a NEW Bridal Collection, which takes us to Convention in July, where The Nest will introduce the new Fall line.

If you have not signed up for 2014 Convention please consider attending. This year we will get to tour the Corporate office and the Warehouse, which is really exciting! Also, Directors and above will be invited to the Nest to work in the warehouse and on the "picking line" in the next few months.

We are branching out to our neighbors in Mexico and Canada in early 2014. IT is in the process of writing our bi-lingual website.

I will have a training session on Friday, November 15th at 10 am at my home.

9290 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy Unit 229

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

We will talk about how to have a successful Jewelry Bar, the many ways to wear the chains, how to talk about the business etc.. and a bit of the new system training.

Please RSVP

Have a great week and ROCK those LOCKETS!

Laurie Thompson

(973) 525-7579

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