The BIG Problem...

Deforestation. Every year, approximately 4,000,000,000 {4 BILLION} trees get cut down in Africa ALONE!!! That's 35% of the Earth's tree population! Now divide that up in sub-tropical/tropical countries in Africa. You're looking at about 30,000,000 {30 MILLION} trees cut down per sub-tropical/tropical countries! Re-planting trees has helped the staggering number of 4,000,000,000 reduce but not by enough. Africa is in despair and we need to save it! First stop... the Democratic Republic of Congo!

The Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo {or DRC} is 3/4 rain-forest and 1/4 grassland. It has 36,000,000 {36 MILLION} trees. Experts say that by 2016, all of that WILL CHANGE to 2/4 rain-forest! That's like taking Georgia with 2 Rhode Island(s) and wiping them off the U.S.A.!!! The country itself has been plagued by war and starvation but some parts are doing just fine. The DRC is a WHOLE lot better than in some places in Africa...

The CAUSE...

There are multiple causes but the main ones are: Slash n' Burn Farming {cut down trees and burn them to provide quick nutrients for crops}, Industrialization {clear land for companies}, and timber {for wood}. These actions are known as deforestation. It HAS to stop! Fortunately, we can stop this by EVER happening and truly affecting the DRC!


Because of deforistation, thousands of animals are now homeless or dead. On top of that, once nutrient rich soil is now barren land. This land can actually form deserts and will render that land useless. WE NEED TO PRESERVE AFRICA!!! After all, human life started in Africa. Other effects include a smaller supply of oxygen, extinct species of animals, and human casualties.


The simple answer would be to place boundaries around forests and re-plant but we are going to go in depth on advanced solutions... There are ways YOU can help and if you are a resident of the DRC, YOU can also help. To the residents of the DRC, buy locally! Don't use non-recycled products! The SAVE THE CONGO charity (our charity) will help by:

-Asking the government to put a ban on deforestation

-Patrolling the rain-forest(s) by land, sea, and air for illegal activity

-Undo the damage by deforestation*

-Make small deserts fertile land once again**

and more techniques!

*= Joint w/ the Peace Corps to 'Mass Plant' trees and use anti-soil erosion techniques in an attempt to re-create the forest.

**= This is a complicated technique still being done but the way it works is that the sand is not completely removed, but the 'top layer' (5 feet) is removed. By the time the top layer has been removed, a small dirt load should be visible or the anti-desertification technique will not be successful. A small plot of land is dug up further and fertile soil is shipped. Seeds are then put in the soil and grow, reproduce, and die. The process continues as sand in the land that is now containing vegetation gets removed. This is a process that has not been attempted, which is why we need funds.


WE NEED HELP! To: The Rotary Fondation of the United Kingdom {RFUK}. We need fundings! As stated above, we are a non-profit charity helping the DRC by preserving forest land BEFORE deforestation takes its toll. Our solutions are proven but we need money! We shall also joint with the Peace Corps to end and prevent deforistation. All we need are fundings. We hope you take your time to read this and approve of it!