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September 2021

You know you need your car washed any way. Visit Twins Car Wash starting September 15th, enter the code 07450 and 30% will be donated to VRHS! We thank Twins Car Wash for their support.

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Monthly Spotlight

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Adoption Success Story: Titan & the Phillips

Our family has tried to adopt/buy many dogs the past 17 years and we have had terrible luck. Our last dog was a German Shepherd that we owned 3 years and we did good until we moved from Bryson City to Andrews 5 years ago. He became more and more aggressive after we moved and eventually we gave him back to his breeder.

The loss was difficult for our kids (Brooke, Grant and Will) as they loved Jax. After the loss of their grandfather in February from Covid our family was in a bit of a tailspin and honestly pretty sad. The kids had been begging for a dog for the past couple of years and Lynette and I were resistant. After Lynette's dad passed we began to feel like maybe the right dog could help us all some. We began to search online without much luck. For weeks we kept looking at all the local human societies and just didn't feel like anything would fit our family.

We finally decided to give Valley River Humane Society a try one Saturday a few months ago. We spent an hour or so as a family walking around looking at available dogs and we felt like we had struck out again. One of the staff stopped us and asked us what we were looking for. We really just wanted a young, friendly mutt. He said there were a couple of dogs at an adoption event in Murphy that might interest us. We decided to give it a shot.

We gravitated to Titan very quickly. He seemed very sweet and had a loving personality. Our kids warmed to him immediately and he seemed to be a pretty smart dog as well.

We learned that we could foster Titan for a short period of time to see if he was going to be a good fit and then, if it was, we could adopt permanently. He loaded up in our car between all our kids in a split second and that was, as the saying goes, all she wrote!

We all fell in love with Titan and the staff at Valley River Humane Society have been awesome providing us with all the initial resources/supplies, follow up phone calls and even free obedience classes (which have been great).

Titan is a great fit in our family. He loves us all and takes his job, of being a Phillps, very seriously!!

James Phillips

Andrews High School Head Football Coach

"Go Cats"

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Immediate Needs! Your Donation Makes All the Difference

Kitten and cat season is happening NOW, and the shelter is at capacity. Unfortunately, cat and kitten food is in short supply at local stores, so if you can click the link and help us out, we and our furry friends will be extremely grateful!!!!


Drive Thru Job Fair

Friday, Sep. 10th, 10am-2pm

800 U.S. 64

Murphy, NC

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Who Saved Who?

Bell & Shell

"I encourage anyone who is lonely, depressed, suffering from PTSD or just looking for a Furr Baby (Dog or Cat) to do yourself a favor and adopt from a shelter.

Here is my story or rather our story:

I'm Michele. I lost my lab mix on May 4, 2021, who I had adopted from a shelter in Florida. She was my everything, but she passed away from cancer. I deeply missed the companionship and have always believed in adoption, so I began a weekly pilgrimage to Valley River Humane Society Shelter (VRHS).

At every visit I wanted to bring them all home, but I had some specific criteria due to my family’s health situation. I knew I could not adopt a large dog or a puppy. I also knew from experience that the right dog would pick me. Mutual attraction is important.

During my weekly visits I became friends with the VRHS staff and volunteers. Some of the most loving a caring people you will ever find. One volunteer, Sherry, made an introduction that changed my life.

Along came Bella.

Driving in the shelter one day I spotted her. She was outside and I finally felt a match was possible. Bella was the right size, and her loving disposition was obvious as I watched her interact with Sherry and the staff. In fact, Sherry confessed an attachment with this sweet dog. Unfortunately, Bella was on medical hold because she was heart worm positive. I still felt a strong urge to see if a bond was possible with Bella so I asked to be put on the list to adopt Bella when she became available.

The following week I returned with my husband to VRHS for a meet and greet with what I hoped would be our new fur baby. Initially Bella did not seem overly interested in us, so I was hesitant. In my heart I felt this could be the right dog for us. The team at VRHS offered to let us foster Bella to see if the match worked. Before we could take her home she had to be retested for heart worms. Bella’s test came back a low positive. We decided to take her anyway. I was committed to giving Bella the best home and all the love I could for as long as she lived. Even though I knew I could be facing another heartbreak I knew it was the right thing to do.

A week later I returned to VRHS with Bella for a health checkup. And hooray her heart work test was negative. It was the best news and of course by now I and my family were hopelessly attached to this sweet dog. The amazing people at the shelter saved this dog who in turn saved me.

Today 3 months later Bella and I are inseparable. She is training to be my ESA dog and Service dog. My family and I will always be grateful to VRHS. I have encouraged others to adopt from the shelter and will continue to champion this cause. It is hard to say "who saved who" in this adoption story. I think we just saved each other.

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August Adoption Successes at Tractor Supply Murphy

A big thank you to all the new dog parents that came out to our August Adoption Event. We continue to have gratitude for the cash and supply donations for VRHS and to Tractor Supply for hosting these events the first Saturday of every month.

September Adoption and Donation Events

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Our team of voluteers will be at Tractor Supply in Murphy on Saturday, September 4th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The shelter is always in need of bleach, canned & dry kitten & cat food, and canned & dry puppy & dog food. We are always very grateful for our community support. If you cannot attend the event but you would like to help click the donate button below.

Heidi's Fund

A generous Murphy family comes to the rescue after seeing the edititoral in the August 18, 2021 Cherokee Scout regarding the Valley River Humane Society. The needs at the shelter are great so this family started " Heidi's Fund" for VRHS at United Community Bank in Murphy. Their deposit was for $1000! Their hope is to see this account grow to help the shelter. They are asking local families to donate $10 or more to help the animals at the shelter. Please visit United Community and make your deposit out to VRHS for Heidi's Fund.

Ongoing Needs at the Shelter

Right now we really need staff, Volunteers, Dog Food, Cat Food, and Blankets. Feel free to come by the shelter or VRHS Thrift Store, or you can mail in a donation or Donate HERE. Other needs are forever families and foster parents. The shelter is full of loving dogs and cats who just need a second chance.

The Shelter has immediate job openings. Click for details.

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A Day in the Life of Volunteer Sherry Pegnetter

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VRHS Thrift Store News

A volunteer to cashier at VRHS Thrift Store is needed on Tuesday mornings! This is an easy and rewarding volunteer opportunity.

Over 40% of all expenses for the Shelter are subsidized by the VRHS Thrift Shop! So, every time you donate to or buy something from the Thrift Shop it REALLY helps.

Anytime you clean out your closet, your basement, your attic, or any other area, please bring those things to us you no longer need or want. We can then turn around and resell those things and those proceeds go to helping the animals. Please visit the Thrift Stop often. There are some GREAT bargains and it really helps!

Store Address:

Valley River Humane Society Thrift Store | 1161 U.S. 64, Murphy, NC 28906 | (828) 837-6137

Store Hours:

10:00 AM -5:00 PM Monday thru Saturday

About Us!

A non-profit organization serving Cherokee, Clay and Graham Counties. Our mission is to foster healthy relationships between humans and all living creatures, to prevent animal cruelty and suffering, to find quality home for abandoned pets, and to educate people of all ages about animal needs and the value of responsible pet ownership.

Become a Volunteer

Many people do not realize how vital volunteers are to both VRHS Shelter and the Thrift Store. Please consider being a VOLUNTEER!

For Donations and Adoptions


Valley River Humane Society
PO BOX 658
Murphy, NC 28906


Valley River Humane Society
7450 US 19
Marble, NC 28905
(828) 837-2304


  • Tuesday thru Saturday……11:00 am thru 4:00 pm
  • Sunday and Monday……CLOSED
  • Intakes……Tuesday thru Friday 11:00 am thru 3:00pm
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