Meet an Explorer

With Binam Shrestha

I'm Binam Shrestha

And today, we're going to meet David Attenborough , an explorer. He has just visited the Daintree Rainforest. We're going to find out what it was like in the Daintree and what it's like to be a rainforest explorer. Let's see what he says.
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Me:Sir David, when did you start exploring wildlife?

Sir David Attenborough: I started my career in 1950, and I've been going ever since.

The job pushes you to your limits and challenges your fitness, patience and mental ability. It is also very amusing.

Me: In the Daintree what fauna and fauna did you see?

Sir David Attenborough: I saw the Bennet's Tree Kangaroo- a small 'kangaroo' that hops through the trees,the cassowary- a large bird that is only found in the Daintree, the White Lipped Tree Frog- a, as the name suggest, tree frog with white lip and the Ulysses Butterfly a large butterfly with light blue colouring in the middle and black around the edges, and these are only a few.

Me: What are the the dangers or possible dangers for the rainforest?

Sir David Attenborough: Logging, Farming, Mining, Tourism and Human Development all have an impact on the Daintree. We must stop or lower the human impact if we want to see, not only the Daintree, but all the rainforests.

Me: How much did it rain?

Sir David Attenborough: It rained a lot, 7 to 8 metres a year, in fact!

Me: What were the requirements for the trek?

Sir David Attenborough: We needed a hat, insect repellent walking shoes loose clothes and a camera.

Me: What was your favourite part of the journey?

Sir David Attenborough: Seeing the Bennet's Tree Kangaroo. Who knew kangaroos could hop on trees? Seeing these creatures travel through the trees was amazing. If you weren't with an expert guide, you wouldn't think it was a kangaroo, but a monkey. They usually crawl across branches but occasionally hop across strong, wide branches.

Me: Out of ten what would you give the Daintree?

Sir David Attenborough: 10! Th wild is great, the plants are beautiful, even the rain is nice.

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Thanks for reading this interview!!!