The Hoot Scoop

Created by Mrs. Robel's Class and Mrs. Walker's Class

Math Club

This week in math club was so hard. We did math involving letters and really big numbers. It’s is very fun because we get some math sheet’s that are like 284 x 98. It’s fun because it is very challenging.

You should join math club today its mathematically awesome. Math Club is the best club in the school. Math club is the best especially because of the teacher Mr. Sweet. He’s the best. You won’t believe how nice Mr. Sweet is. He even lets you eat in the classroom.

Who knows what amazing surprise will be waiting next week? Will there be cake or candy? Will we get to play math games instead of doing worksheets all class long or maybe even a party? I guess it’s just a mystery we will have to find out next week.

Written by Zolomon Kaliser and Michael Walton

Interview with Jack Partain

Name: Jack A. Partain, Jr.

Dates:1999 - Still Breathing

Favorite colors: red, blue, and white

Favorite show: Dr. who

Have siblings: yes

Favorite food: Pizza

Fears: Doing splits

Favorite animal: chimpanzee

Favorite movie: the dark knight rises

Talent: writing

Other notes: couch potato, loves Dr. Who, and kinda likes my little pony

His favorite colors are Red, White and Blue. His talent is writing. He says he has a good sense of humor. His fear is doing the splits. The reason why we chose Jack because he helped us so much and because he is a great teacher. Jack’s favorite quote is “When you think about it we are all different people all through our lives and that’s okay. That’s good. You got to keep moving forward. Just as long as you remember all the people you used to be” –by The Doctor

Interviewed by Taylor Rutherfurd and Daisy Hoffman

Did You Know?

  • Did you know the American crocodile cleans it teeth and guesses how a bird will go into its mouth and eat? Weird fact, ain't it?
  • Babe Ruth kept a cabbage leaf under his cap to cool.. WEIRD!
  • A dentist made the electric chair.
  • Thomas Edison who made the light bulb was AFRAID OF THE DARK!
  • Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting his whole life and that was to his brother.
  • Mark Twain, one of America's most loved authors, dropped out of school when he was 12 years old.
  • If all the blood vessels lined up, it would 60,000 miles.
  • When you cough the air in your windpipe goes over the speed of sound over a 1000 feet per second
  • It takes more muscles to frown then it does to smile.
  • The strongest bone in your body (femur) is hollow!
  • The average American over 50 will of spent 5 years waiting in lines
  • Your femur (thigh bone) is stronger than concrete.
  • When you wake up you are taller then when you went to bed.
  • If you have heard its raining cats and dogs there have been accounts of almost every other animal falling to the ground like raid but never cats or dogs.
  • Some frogs pull their eyes into their throat to help push food down.
  • Did you know salamanders breathe through their skin?
  • Did you know owl's eyes are bigger than their brain?
  • On a clear night, the human eye can see between 2,000 and 3,000 stars at night.
  • The ice cream cone at first wasn’t made to hold ice cream but flowers!

Written by Trace Rutherfurd and Brady Upfield

Review of the movie "Frozen"

The movie Frozen was rated number one in Disney movies of the year. Frozen is a very thought-out and well planned movie. The creator of Frozen is Molly Driscoll. It is about two sisters and one of the sisters gets hurt by the other sister and has to have a troll help her medically to get better. It is covering how the sister’s life went after her parents died. The older sister, who hurt the younger sister, does not come out of her room because she is dangerous to her younger sister. The older sister’s name is Elsa and the younger sister’s name is Anna.

Idina Menzel plays the main character, Elsa. Kristen Bell plays the second main character, Anna. Josh Gad plays the warm-hearted snowman, Olaf, who is the most adorable snowman you will ever see. Jonathan Groff plays the town boy who eventually finds out he loves a princess, Kristoff. Christopher Waltz plays the mean and nice prince, who is just trying to be known, Hans. That is a review of the best nominated movie from Disney since the Lion King, Frozen.

Written by Alexis Foster, Sara Klattenhoff, and Abigail Asiatico

Visit from Zooniversity

We met a visitor named Allison from Zooniversity, who brought a few amphibians, animals and insects. We learned about the tailless whip scorpion. We learned that when they defend themselves they squirt out vinegar. We learned that if you freeze the hissing cockroach it would survive and get out from the freezer. The cockroach won’t survive if you step on it. We learned about the tiger salamander that survived from a place that has now doesn’t have water. The tiger salamander is about to become extinct now. The tiger salamander wants water in order to survive; they breathe from water. They don’t breathe air; they only water. They can grow back a leg again.

Written by Maaz Sharif

Weather Trivia

Q: How cold did it get in the U.S. in 2014? A: -45 degrees

Q: Where did it get this cold ? A: Embarrass, Minnesota

Q: What is the coldest temperature in the world? A: -135.8 degrees

Q: Where did it get this cold? A: Antartica

Q: What is the hottest temperature in the world? A: 134 degrees

Q: Where did it get this hot? A: the United States

Q: What was the coldest temperature in the U.S.? A: -80.1 degrees

Q: Where did it get this cold? A: Alaska

Q: How many people were left homeless after the worst tornado in Europe?

A: 80,000 people

Written by Zachary Pope and Tyler Pope