KISU Newsletter

Number 503 ................................4th December 2021

Director's Message

The question everybody wants to ask is "When is school reopening?" The honest answer is, I don't know. We have been in touch with the MofE&S this week and have been told an announcement will be very soon. All I can say is that we are preparing for the new term to start face-to-face so we will be ready as soon as we get permission.

In this newsletter you will see that whilst face-to-face teaching in school might be limited to 3 classes that does not stop some wonderful education taking place. Reception at the farm, Y2 superheroes, Y6 have a fantastic virtual museum, Y11 had a great trip and DP2 did their first IB Diploma exam. You will see lots more details below.

It is a good job that so many wonderful things are happening at school otherwise it would difficult to write an upbeat and positive message. This morning 3 of our colleagues woke to find their apartments had been broken into and lots of electronics had been taken. We will offer them as much support as we can but it is not a great way for them to bring the term to an end.

KISU hosts the first ISSAK meeting for nearly 2 years in preparation for the re-introduction of ISSAK sports

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All ISSAK schools are keen for children to restart inter school sports. All schools have slightly different SOPs for sports - are spectators allowed, who needs to wear a mask? etc. We are working towards the reintroduction of competitive matches and have agreed on 2 seasons for Primary football followed by basketball and for Secondary, volleyball followed by football. More details to follow.

Sports' clubs

These will operate on Tuesday for key Stage 1 & 2, Wednesday for Secondary and Thursday for Early Years. No clubs on Friday as school closes for the holidays at 12 noon. Please collect all children at school promptly so that teachers can start their very well earned break.

Primary Certificate Winners

This weeks Primary Certificate winners for showing super Critical Thinking skills are…

KG2 Edwin Waru

KG3 Keturah Ddungu

Reception Jonathan Olowo

Year 1 Kiyansh Goyal and Rishaan Kotecha

Year2 Lethabo Hlanyane and Sophie Segal

Year 3 Zeinab Charara

Year 4 Miia Merryfield and Ahmet Efe Eryilmaz

Year 5 Gabriel Elamrousy and Jack Forbes

Year 6 Sahar El Fatih

Year 6 Second World War Virtual Museum

You may need to ask for access to fully view some of the areas

World War 2 Year 6 Presentation

Year 4 Greek News

This term Year 4 have been studying the Ancient Greek civilization, and as our long first term finally draws to a close, we decided to wrap up our unit of study with a writing project exploring the ‘Legacies of Ancient Greece.’

During the year the children learned about democracy in the Ancient World, and the beginnings and evolution of the Olympic Games. We compared and contrasted the original one day local affair, with the modern quadrennial world-wide event witnessed today. The children also explored a range of different myths and legends, including spectacular legendary creatures that existed in the Greek imagination. We looked at primary sources and their value when studying history and pupils also spent some time deciphering Ancient Greek images on vases and pottery. In addition, we touched on several important historical battles that shaped the world, and we examined the trials and tribulations of the Ancient Greeks, as they lived out their day to day lives.

Some of the topics the children decided to research and write about included: The Ancient Greek legacies of medicine, language, art and theatre, the Olympics, architecture (historical artifacts), government and education! Well done to our little Year 4 historians!

Year 2 news

Wednesday was our end of topic 'superhero day' and on Friday we did a Christmas concert for the parents.

December Fun
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Key Stage 1 PE

For the last two weeks the Key Stage 1 students have been focusing on a number of balloon game activities. They have explored a number of striking skills using the balloons. They have learnt how to strike with their hands (underhand, overhand, forehand and backhand) as well as with implements such as a paper plate or a book. They have also learnt how to play a game called a One Person Tennis.
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Reception down on the farm

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Early Years Music

For our music this week, KG2s and KG3s have been exploring rhythms and melodies that rhyme through different songs like, Hickory-Dickory Dock, Pizza Pizza is Fun to Eat, Baa-Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star and Incey Wincy Spider. The children had fun while singing these songs and also used body percussions to emphasize the rhythms.

During the week, Reception class focused on listening, singing and enjoying a variety of farm songs. Children sang in tune exploring high and low sounds while keeping steady beats. Every child was given an opportunity to perform their favorite farm song learnt so far. It is through such performances that children develop confidence.

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KG2 at play and learning at the same time!

At KISU we learn through play! Play promotes healthy development and critical thinking skills. It reinforces memory and helps children understand cause and effect. Play also has physical benefits and develops each child’s fine and gross motor skills. Play is also important for your children’s social development because it helps children learn how to interact with others, how to wait for their turn, how to share and contribute ideas.

Additionally, play helps children understand and process their emotions. Kids process both their emotions and new concepts through play.

It’s not just play! It’s more than that, encourage your children to get off the screen and explore!

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Year 11 Outdoor Education Trip

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Y11 visit Lake Mburu National Park

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Food, food and more food!

Up close and personal with Onkoli cattle

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Secondary Merit Awards

This week the most merits went to:

Year 7 Tanish, Samaira, Seth and Noel

Year 8 Shona

Year 9 Karabo

Year 10 Leo, Gloria, Hadil, Ariannia and Tinotenda

DP1 Aron

DP2 Lucy and Dishin

The most merits for this week were given to Shona!