Westwood Updates

Week of 4/2/ - May 1st

This Week's Happenings


SBAC testing -Computer Lab

Tuesday- 4/27/15

SBAC testing -Computer Lab

5th Grade science CST


SBAC testing- Computer Lab

Dining for Dollars- Round Table Pizza - RB

Thursday- 4/29/15

SBAC testing -Computer Lab

Friday- 5/1/15

8:00 Friday Flag -Good Citizens

SBAC testing -Computer Lab

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Westwood- Home of the 21st Century Students - Thank You for Your Pictures!

We have received many great pictures from each grade level. Thanks! We'll have the show ready to debut in the next few weeks.
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SBAC Testing Continues This Week -

Click open our CURRENT schedule here -

  • As of this week, our 5th graders have completed their testing sessions.
  • We have held 60 testing sessions thus far!
  • 3rd grade stars this week!
Thank you ALL for your help flexibility and teamwork!

Help Needed- Playground Issues

We have had an increase of negative playground issues in the past few weeks involving students making negative and hurtful comments to each other, including comments about race. You can use this Kid President's Top 20 Things to Say video as a springboard for discussions about how being NICE to each other is Awesome! You can also remind students that our Peace Patrol is on the playground to help every Roadrunner get along.

As always, we will continue to speak directly to any students have been involved in playground issues.

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Movie Night Opportunity for teachers and Families

The families of the Mt. Carmel Girls Lacrosse Team would like to invite your Staff, Students, and their Families to the Second Annual Family Movie Night being held on Friday, May 8th at the Mt. Carmel High School Stadium. The featured film is Big Hero 6 and attached you will find the flyer that can be shared digitally or printed out as well as the approval form for our flyer from the District Office. The girls wanted the opportunity to do something with our Community and since many of them have promoted from our local Elementary schools the Family Movie Night gave them the perfect platform. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $5.00 each or purchased for $7.00 at the gate on the night of the event.

This is a fundraising event and the girls are hoping to raise money to replace old equipment, purchase new safety equipment, pay for a sports trainer and ultimately leave a solid foundation for future teams.

See attached flyer for more information.

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Reminders & Updates

From LSS

Math Videos

Our wonderful math TOSA, Lynne Haman, has shared two different videos on math performance tasks. The first video has no narration, but it gives the information in written form that the viewer reads. It tells what the performance task is, what it asks students to do, and then it gives the sample fourth grade performance task from SBAC.


The second video is a third grade teacher doing a real world performance task on designing the floor plan with furniture for their bedroom. It is seeing a performance task in action. This type of lesson will help prepare our students for performance tasks, although the SBAC performance tasks will not be as activity based. They are a scenario based, six question format, with questions that build in complexity.


My Connect Courses - Your Quick Link to Resources

LSS has linked all your resources in an easy to use location called My Connect Elementary Courses. Click here to get access to great tools from Math Central, Writing Central, and more!

Upcoming Events

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May 4th - Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - MPR

May 6th- Staff Meeting- ELA Roll out Continues with a Treasure Hunt

May 6th- Tk & K new enrollment, 3:00-6:00pm; thereafter, 9-noon daily in the office

May 6th - Family Science Night 6:00pm MPR

May 12-15 - Last week to visit the library

May 13th- grades 1-5 NEW enrollment 9-noon daily

May 22- All books due to the library