My Smore Flyer

Simply get the email address list

Are you trying to get the email addresses of friends or professional person or chat buddies from online? Or just seeking an address for someone you used to know or work with years ago? Maybe even someone from high school who you have lost touch with. It seems like an impossible task doesn't it? You'd think in this day and time with so much technology, it would be a snap to locate this stuff.

Fortunately, there are many ways to go about it. I personally have looked high and low all over the web trying to figure out how to find email addresses because there are a lot of folks from my past that I would love to talk to. What I've discovered is that, although there are ads all over the place, none of the sites I've found are free. Now, let me just say that they will appear to be free but they really are not. They all need a fee, either large or small. Anything that advertises that you can get an email address list free will lead you on a merry chase and at the end of it, you'll still have to get out your credit card.

Seems unfair, doesn't it? The thing is, as long as you are aware of this from the beginning, you will know that the best plan of action is to just find a site that allows you to search but yet does not charge an arm and a leg. I finally caved in and used one of the sites to find my friend's email, and it was worth it because it was so fast and easy.