Greek Philosophy

By: Ellie Conaway and Makaela Persons

What is Philosophy?

In the dictionary, Philosophy means the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. Philosophy is ultimately the study of thinking.

Who are Philosophers?

Philosophers study thinking. Philosophers are play an important role with how we act today. Who philosophers are is already contained in the word philosophy itself. In Greek, philo means love – or devotion – and sophia means wisdom. Philosophers are people devoted to wisdom.

Famous Philosophers

Three of the most famous and influential philosophers of Ancient Greece are Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

Ideas and Beliefs

Different philosophers had different ideas and beliefs about life and other things too. Socrates was always questioning people repeatedly about their beliefs. He tried to find definitions of virtues such as courage and justice. Plato believed that dialect, ethnics, and physics were the three main divisions of philosophy. Aristotle believes that matter is the basis of all that exists and it comprises everything, but in itself is nothing.

Questions about Life

Philosophers tried to answer questions most people wouldn't think to ask. Different philosophers asked and answered different questions. They mostly tried to answer questions about how and how life came to be and what exists throughout the world. Socrates was actually one of the first philosophers to ask,"what is wrong and what is right". Plato asked,"what is justice". Many philosophers asked,"how does the world work, "why are we here," "why do thing happen the way they do," and "How do we know for sure."

How Were They Treated?

Philosophers weren't always treated the same way average people were. The philosophers were often treated very differently. For example, Socrates was treated very poorly compared to Plato. Plato was treated with a high amount of respect.

Thanks For Listening

To conclude, Greek Philosophers and Greek philosophy played an important role in the past and how we live today. Thank you for listening.