The Tea Act of 1773

By: Audrey (As A Colonist)

Tea Act

In the tea act of 1773 was that the British East India Company was the only company could sell to the us. We LOVED our tea. Britain thought that with this law that we would give in and buy tea from them. Since we loved our tea so much we responded to Britain with the Boston Tea Party on December 16th, 1773.


The law was unfair to us that the law was passed without their approval. None of us liked that we could only buy tea from just 1 company. Lots of us protested against Britain. Many of us spoke out about it and refused to buy tea. In Boston, local citizens went farther.

Boston Tea Party

On December 16th, 1773 men dressed up as Native of Americans and attacked the ships that sold us tea and dumped into the Boston Harbor. They dumped 90,000 pounds of loose tea into the Harbor. Those people were careful not to damage anything but the tea. They called this incident the Boston Tea Party! People in England were shocked and angry. But, King George was furious.