Pear Shaped Loose Diamonds

Diamond shapes with a unique and striking difference to the eye

Pear shaped loose diamonds is a diamond cut that combines the marquise football shape with the round cut to end up with a uniquely shaped diamond with tapered ends. Irrespective of where this diamond is placed it is usually worn with the narrow end pointing to the wearers’ hand. Pear shaped diamonds come in different varieties from wide ones to thin ones. Those worn in rings have the advantage of making fingers appear long and slim.

It is important for all pear shaped diamonds to have a perfect symmetry the pointed end should be in line with the apex of the round end. The wings and shoulders of this diamond must form a uniform symmetrical curve without straight edges. The top which is round has to appear like a semi-circle and never squat or narrow.

The pear shaped loose diamonds is a classic shape that is mainly affected by its final setting. This is one of the reasons that affect the choice of diamond apart from personal preference. Narrow pear shaped diamonds are excellent for earrings with the wider ones fitting solitaire rings. Before considering buying any diamond, ensure that you have the details of each and every measured aspect of the diamond.

These types of diamonds are more likely to have a bow-tie effect that is hidden unless properly scrutinized. It is important to consult a diamond expert for the correct visual interpretation that cannot be reviewed by certification. The diamonds need to be set in prongs to protect the ends from chipping. These ends are also susceptible to flaws like inclusions extra facets and naturals. Only purchase a diamond piece that you are comfortable with. After all it is your money.

Pear shaped diamonds have a way of convincing you that you have spent your money the right way. The combination of two different shapes makes it unique. In addition, the illusion obtained from wearing this diamond is what sells it.

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