Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of April 22nd-26th

Week in Review

The students had an eye-opening experience taking benchmarks for the first time! They all did very well, and stayed focused the rest of the day(s) for other lessons. I am very proud of them! It is hard work testing 3 days in row......Results of the benchmarks will come as soon!

What We Will Be Learning About This Week.....

Math: This week we will wrap up our measurement unit by studying capacity, weight, and mass. Monday will be used as a day to review the Math Benchmark. Students will determine if they missed a problem due to carelessness or if they feel like they need to be retaught. Tuesday we will pick up with capacity. Students will select non-standard units of measure such as bathroom cups or jars to determine capacity of a given container. Wednesday and Thursday will be devoted to learning about the differences between weight and mass. Students will learn that weight is all about how much gravity is pulling on an object (actually measured in Newtons) and that weight can change depending upon the gravity of the environment. Mass, however, never changes. Students will learn that mass measures how much matter something contains. On both of these days, students will be selecting non-standard units of measurement to determine the weight or mass of a given object. Friday will be a review day.

Reading: Monday through Wednesday the students will practice how to identify and distinguish the main idea from the topic of a given passage or story. On Thursday and Friday, the students will respond to nonfiction texts in their Reading Response journal using a menu. This week's plans were originally for the previous week; we did not have time to get to them due to testing.

Science: This will be our last week of science for the year :( BUT, it will be a good one :) Students will be exploring the Sun and Moon. They will observe, describe, and record how the two celestial bodies change position and appearance at different times.

Writing: This week, we will finish learning commas and move into contractions and apostrophes to show ownership.

Word Study: Students will review the word sorts they received the previous week. Students will speed sort and glue on Friday. Only one more sort to go after this one!

On The Calendar

Monday, April 22nd...........Homework Due

*Tuesday, April 23rd.........STAAR Testing; no visitors on campus

*Wednesday, April 24th....Spencer's Birthday, STAAR Testing; no visitors on campus

Friday, April 26th...............Mrs. Cormack Out of Town; Kona Ice day, Library Day

Saturday, April 27th..........Sommer Day at Round Rock Express

Wednesday, May 1st.......Early Release Day

Friday, May 3rd............... Carnival 5-8 pm (Parent volunteers are needed!!)

*We will be moving downstairs to accommodate the testing*

Spotlight Stallion

Peter is super excited to go home with Philip this week! Philip is a talented mathematician and really knows how to follow the Sommer expectations! Way to go, Philip!


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