RHS Week in Review-Winter Spirit Week-Show your RAM PRIDE!

Weekly Events

Dance Tickets are on sale all week for $12 at lunch or see Mrs. Finn.

Faculty & staff may wear jeans all week if you dress up for the day!

Monday, 1/19

No School

Tuesday, 1/20 – Pajama Day

5:30PM – RHS Feeder Pattern Parent Workshop, CHES

Wednesday, 1/21 – Twin Day (Math Planning Day)

Unity Day, Gym (List is attached to email.)

7:40AM – AVID Site Team Meeting, RM 118

6:00PM – Boys BB vs. AHS (WHITE OUT) $1 entry if you wear white

7:30PM – Girls BB @ GHS

Thursday, 1/22 – Fashion Disaster/Ugly Sweater Day

7:40AM – Scholarship Committee Meeting, CRC

7:40AM – New Teacher Meeting, RM 206

6:00PM – Football Banquet, Cafeteria

Friday, 1/23 – Spirit Day / PM Activity Schedule

7:40AM – AP Teacher Meeting, RM 206

7:40AM – iPad Teacher Meeting, RM 110

2:00PM – Winter Pep Rally, GYM

6:00PM – Girls BB vs. FHS (SENIOR NIGHT-WHITE OUT) $1 entry if you wear white

7:00PM – Boys BB @ TCHS

PM Activity Schedule

1st Period: 8:30 – 9:13

2nd Period: 9:17 – 10:00

3rd Period: 10:04 – 10:47

4A Lunch: 10:47 – 11:27

4A Class: 11:31 – 12:17

4B Class: 10:51 – 11:37

4B Lunch: 11:37 – 12:17

5th Period: 12:21 – 1:04

6th Period: 1:08 – 1:51

Activity Period: 1:55 – 2:55

Saturday, 1/24

7:00PM – Winter Wonderland Dance, Cafeteria

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Weekly Professional Development - January 19-30

How did my students perform on the midterm assessment? Which standards need the most remediation 2nd semester to help students prepare for EOCs?

+Enter midterm performance on your document. (First, PLCs should determine what is means to meet expectations. Use the terminology from the Midterm Predictions activity to enter information in your document: exceeding/meeting expectations, slightly below expectations, and extremely below expectations.)

+Complete the debrief and reflection exercise on the Google Doc by Friday Jan 30. http://goo.gl/forms/FjM1WL6fgT

+Develop an action plan for how to integrate review throughout the 2nd semester (submit to coach by Jan 30.). https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B84gq2aoMUY0T0VjRjhubjI3ejg/view?usp=sharing (Download document)

What academic interventions can I implement for individual students to help improve learning?

+Work with PLC to identify interventions for students (identify trends for groups of learners). Enter info on your document and submit to coach by Friday Jan 30.)

+As a PLC, edit Intervention Brainstorm document (submit to coach by Jan 30)



Keep up the great work with earning those badges and growing professionally! You will receive an update as to a progress check for each individual on the path to earning a SAFETY, LEARNING, and PRIDE badges. We will also keep a board in the front office to celebrate our progress toward our goals!

Here are the links for reflection:

Positive Energy - Glass Half Full (Teachers fill these out to recognize other staff members quarterly) The PRIDE workgroup will select recipients from the nominations.


R-Notes (Teachers fill these out for their own reflection - 5 times in a quarter)


Learning Goals and Scales (Teachers fill these out for their own reflection - need coaches to come in 3 times)


NEW for Quarter 2/3: Philosophical Chairs (Teachers fill these out for their own reflection - 3 times in a quarter)


Kudos: Safety, Learning & PRIDE

Heather Smith recognizes Tony Emperator for Learning: Thank you for being diligent in helping our 5th year Senior graduates.

Patty Linard-Hanley recognizes Ms. Adair for Learning: Thank you so much for all the travel guides for my students for their Spring Break trip!

Cathy Tezber recognizes Heather Smith for Learning: Heather graciously took on Mr. Rubin’s classes when he became ill and there no subs available.

Mary Anders recognizes Vanessa Moon for Safety, Learning and Pride: Thank you so much for all you did to help me with PERT Diagnostic.

Nicole Graziano recognizes Krista Cozzens for Safety, Learning and Pride: for being an advocate for your students and having more patience than anyone I know.

Nicole Graziano recognizes Lynn Greco for Safety, Learning and Pride: For having pride and integrity in your profession and in serving students.

Nicole Graziano recognizes Kat Foley for Safety, Learning and Pride: For cooperating in accommodating my lunch groups in your classroom.

Heather Smith recognizes Ms. Adair for Learning and Pride: Thank you for being extremely diligent in getting our 5th year seniors to graduate.

Heather Smith recognizes Linda Chenard for Pride: Thank you for being such a huge support to our students and staff.

Angie Murphy recognizes Alicia Leary for Learning: Thank you for your work with professional development and advocating for all educators to meet individual student needs.

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