News of the Week

February 22-26

Dear Parents,

Each week, please see below for the skills our class will be studying. Anything that you can do to support them at home is appreciated! You may notice that we spend more than one week on particular skills as they are meant to take longer than one week to cover in class.

- Mrs. Williams

Important Reminders!

  • Early Release Days are coming up on February 24 and 25. Students will be dismissed at 12:50pm each day. I look forward to seeing you at our conference! If there is anything you'd like me to think about/prepare for you prior to our meeting, please let me know.

  • Need a Six Flags form to get your free ticket this summer? Visit: FMES website > School Info tab > Forms. You will see the form to print at home. They are due February 25th.

  • Don't forget to log-on to My Payments Plus to pay for our March 21st field trip, the cost is $14 and the online payment option will end on March 10th. If you need a paper copy instead, please e-mail me.

  • Our eClass page now contains Homework Ideas for the Week... please visit our page to see the information! Scroll down for directions on how to log-on!

How to Log-on to eClass

1) Visit:

2) Type in your child's student number (200....)

3) Their password is their initials, the month of their birthday, and the day of their birthday (i.e. mine would be lw1224)

** If content on our page is not loading, but sure to look in your address bar for the security shield and click 'load unsafe scripts' or whatever your wording may be! **

End of 9-weeks Assessments

I will begin assessing the 3rd 9-weeks skills for report cards on March 1st (the grading period ends on March 10th). These are the Language Arts, Math, and Writing rubrics that will be used to assess your child and determine their report card grade.
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Links to Try...

Base 10 Fun

Number Bubble: Count to 100

Sight Word Spelling Practice (Pre-Primer Level to start)