by Neal Shusterman; Report by Max Dube; Hinkle block 1


I enjoyed reading this book a lot. Though it was very weird and it had a lot of random things. The reason it seemed enjoyable to me was because you never knew what would happen next. There was a lot of drama and action in it. The weirdness played a part in never knowing what would happen, but somethings were just strange. Other than that I loved this book, and I would strongly recommend it.


McGill-The McGill was the antagonist, he was literally a monster. On page 222 it said, "It had sharp, three fingered talons for hands, and skin as red as a lobster and pocked like the moon. Its mismatched eyes wandered of their own accord, and its nasty tuft of spidery hair looked like it might crawl off the creature's head at any moment." He was also a huge jerk. He would capture kids and since he couldn't hurt them , he would hang them upside down on chains and let them dangle there for eternity. Apparently he used to be a human so there was this thing if he exchanged 1,000 cowardly souls he would get his life back. So that kind of goes a long with why he captured all of those kids.

Nick-Nick was the protagonist. At the beginning he was a wimp and always looked at the negative side of things. Throughout the story he became a lot braver, and in the end he saved a lot of kids from the McGill and Mary. The book described him on page 8 as, "He looked kind of Chinese, except for his nose and slightly reddish-brown hair, he also had chocolate all over his face."

Mary Hightower-Mary was very wise and always calm. She did all things right, until the end when she turned on everybody and tried to keep them from getting to where they were going (meaning heaven, hell or some other place like Everlost). She didn't let people go because they never really knew where they were going even if it was the right thing to do. She was mainly a supporting character. On page 85 it described her as, "graceful, beautiful, and elegant, with a manner as velvety smooth as her dress." The dress was described as, "rich emerald velvet, with white lace cuffs and a lace collar so tight it seemed about ready to strangle her, it seemed she was about to go to a wedding."

Allie-Allie was the other protagonist. She was always very stubborn. She helped Nick free a whole lot of kids from the McGill, by tricking him into thinking she was on his side then she turned on him. On page 8 it said, "she had pretty blond hair, she wore a t-shirt, a blouse and a pair of blue jeans."


I think the theme of Everlost is to be thankful for what you have before it's gone. The reason why I say this is because Allie and Nick died in an unexpected car crash. They were definitely not ready for their lives to be over, so that kind of started the whole story and got them into so many problems. It just showed how they needed to be thankful for their life, because it could so easily be taken away.


The overall setting is simple, it is Everlost. Everlost is the world between the living and the dead. It is where the kids who die aren't quite sure where they're going to go, the ones who go lost and off-track go. It is the living world in a different dimension. It is in the present, but has a lot of history in it, like the things that were destroyed in the living world. For example the Twin Towers. On page 29 Nick said, "This isn't the afterlife. We never made it to the afterlife, this is kind of a interlife. A space between life and death." There were also three smaller settings- a forest which was known for its beauty, and the McGill's ship that was remembered because nobody knew what happened to it. Then there was the Twin Towers, because of what happened on 9/11. In each of these settings Allie and Nick changed. At the forest they were confused and determined to know answers, at the Twin Towers they were comfortable and welcomed with Mary Hightower around. Then on the McGill's ship they became brave and fearless to help a lot of kids escape.

Conflict and Plot

The main conflict of the story was that they died. A smaller conflict was that the McGill came in and messed up their day by imprisoning Nick and Lief.

What I mean by they died, is that well they weren't ready to die, they wanted answers and a way back to life.Which when they were looking for answers it made every other little conflict, like first Nick and Lief were captured by the Haunter, and then the Haunter was attacked by the McGill. So then Nick and Lief were taken by the McGill and tortured.

Allie had to save them and then they saved a bunch of kids. They never escaped Everlost, even though Nick found a way, they found out it wasn't their time to leave yet. So they stayed and did what needed to be done. The first conflict is Man vs. Nature, and the second is Man vs. Man.

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